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GearSource® provides a progressive business system.

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 5.19.16 PM.png

GearSource® is focused on building an inclusive, accountable, automated and definitely more progressive business system. It’s a lofty goal that means upgrades are made quite often – generally weekly – some you see, some you don’t. The point is to provide a more useful tool for both Vendors and Customers and keep the system as user-friendly as possible.

Below are some of the latest updates… it’s important to note, these changes came about after a meeting with a vendor and seeing what worked for them and, most-importantly, what didn’t work so well. It’s always eye-opening to see how someone else uses your system – it definitely helps us make it better.

  • Make an Offer link color updated
    The color matches the Make an Offer button… this link takes you to all of the current online and active offers available in our system. Changing the color was one way to make the link stand out a bit better from the other items in the navigation bar.   

    Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 4.52.51 PM
  • Expected Ship Date replaced with Actual Ship Date when available on order tracking page
    This information gives both the customer and the vendor a real-time perspective of when an order is finalized. Actual ship dates are only available once an order has physically been scheduled to ship
    Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 4.54.05 PM
  • Address type (residential/commercial) added to vendor shipping & tax form
    This is an important piece of information for determining shipping costs, especially for those vendors who calculate their own. Carriers need to know what type of vehicle will be needed for a delivery. It’s often difficult, if not impossible, to send a semi truck to a residential community to offload a pallet, for example. It means the item may have to be unloaded at their destination warehouse and re-loaded onto a different vehicle that is more appropriate for residential deliveries.
    Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 4.54.59 PM
  • Lot filter has been added to listing catalog & lot size sort added to listing catalog
    This is just one more way to sort our vast catalogue, especially if you are looking for multiples of the same item. Oftentimes, Lots are priced more aggressively than individual items are.

    Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 4.55.30 PM
    Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 4.56.19 PM
  • Cancelled order group and cancellation reason added
    Vendors want to know if an order has cancelled and also why it was cancelled. This information gives a vendor the opportunity to re-access the listing and determine if they can sweeten the deal somewhat. It also let’s them know the item is back on the market.

    Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 4.58.15 PM.png


As I already mentioned, there are always updates in the works at GearSource® – some changes will be visible or noticeable and some are behind the scenes, to improve the quality of the system, the speed and the security. We’re always moving forward, staying at the leading edge with our technology, which is what makes us a better choice for handling your gear.

Here are just a few additional changes coming in the very near future:

  • Make an Offer account center section will be improved with more options
  • Order / Offer filtering and pagination will be added
  • Separate vendor order interaction steps (confirm availability, enter shipping, etc)
  • Updates to purchase orders and packing slips
  • Vendor Shipping Manager Admin role
    • Special role to allow access to shipping/tracking data only
    • will allow vendors to assign this role to warehouse staff so that they can enter shipping data directly onto the packing slip electronically so it is immediately in the system

GearSource® is always open to input from users. Our goal is to make your experience using® better. Below are links to short surveys… have your say.

Vendor Survey:

Customer Survey:



Carrie Bourgette

Listing Integrity Manager


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Did you know that you can “make an offer” with®?


Unlike most websites selling used gear,® has a built-in feature that allows customers to make an offer on a product and streamline the purchasing of said product. Our vendors activate this feature on items they really want to move. GearSource® will also recommend this option to vendors on items that aren’t moving to do so.

Be now forewarned, we do tell our vendors that an accepted offer will become a sale. This is not a way to shop various items for the best deal. When you make a serious offer, you are required to give us your credit card so, YOU THE CUSTOMER are telling both GearSource® and our endor that you intend to buy this item at the price you offered if the vendor accepts.

Making foolish offers is a waste of time and is actually not permitted on our system – anything entered under 51% of original price is automatically disallowed. Whether you have bought used gear in the past or not, it’s in your best interest to know what a reasonable offer is. An item listed at $10,000 is not going to get sold for $2000 so do your homework – ask around if you don’t know pricing. 10%-20% below the current sale price is usually a good place to start. As the item is used and already at a reduced price over buying new, just know you will be getting a great deal once the price is accepted.

Sometimes vendors are busy and don’t reply to the offer you made. What can you do? Give me a call and let me know. Although our system is emailing the vendor, I will get on the phone and track them down for you.

Steve Slack


My name is Steve Smith and I care about your business and your offers. I can be reached at 561-229- 1207.

Please leave a message if I don’t answer.




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GearSource® Ops explains why palletizing is important.

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 2.14.44 PMAt GearSource® our priority is to make sure your gear arrives undamaged, in the condition you expected. Here are some common questions we get regarding our policy for palletizing.

Why do you require us to ship certain items on pallets?

First and foremost, because pallets help protect your gear. Items such as moving head lights, consoles, speaker systems, amplifiers and even truss, are safer being transported on pallets. Requiring gear to be shipped on pallets protects not only our customers and vendors, it protects us as well. If damage does occur, and it becomes necessary to file an insurance claim, our chances for recovery are better if the gear is palletized.

What if the gear is in road cases, does it still need to go on pallets?

The short answer is, yes.  When shipments are done through an LTL carrier (less than truckload shipping or Less Than Load), the gear will be on-loaded and off-loaded multiple times before it reaches it’s destination. The more often gear moves on and off a truck, the more chance there is for mishaps. Another reason is because LTL carriers don’t always carry enough straps to secure loose items.  A road case provides some protection but not enough to protect the gear inside it should that case slide into a truck wall going 50 MPH.

Doesn’t it cost more to ship something on a pallet?

In most cases, no. Along with the safety benefits, shipping on a pallet is sometimes the most cost efficient way of shipping gear, especially when shipping more than one item.  That’s because standard ground shipment carriers (<150 pounds) charge more per pound/volume than LTL carriers.  For example, four 145lb. boxes (24x24x24) going from New Jersey to South Florida would cost $349 on FedEx Ground.  Shipping that same gear, palletized on FedEx Freight would cost  $301. That adds up to a 12% savings on the shipping cost… plus, the gear is much better protected against damage.

Hopefully this answers some of your shipping questions. If you have additional questions about shipping with®, e-mail us at


Until next time!!!

Len Brooks

Manager – Sales & Operations


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Analog Consoles Vs. Digital

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 10.01.46 AM

Every major project a company works on requires a significant sound system.  Companies have a dilemma over whether the console should be  Analog or Digital. So what’s the right choice for your application?

There is no correct answer. There are several differences between them. The digital board has the possibility to have endless functions needed, such as digital effects, scenes, outputs multiple auxiliaries, processors, multiple equalizers, etc.  The digital console becomes more cost competitive as we move up on larger frame boards. At the end of the day, a digital console will probably cost less than an analog one.

As for the analog boards, the functions are limited according to the manufacturer, model, material, price, etc. Affordable boards will bring scarcity of functions and quality of construction based on their price. There are currently thousand of brands that manufacture consoles that are easy to operate and less expensive.  

The choice of selecting the right board should be based on your
past, present and future needs. There are no standards in terms of choice
of the board, nor to their application. What is the right choice for your application?
Well, it depends. Anyone who is in the market for a new mixing console needs to consider all of the pros and cons. If you have questions about consoles feel free to reach out to me anytime. 

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 1.48.50 PM

Cynthia Viteri

Sales Representative


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Consolas Analógicas vs. Digitales

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 10.01.46 AM

La tendencia de las compañías que tienen proyectos que requieren de un sistema de
sonido significativo, tienen un dilema sobre si la consola debe ser una consola
analógica o una consola digital. Entonces, ¿qué es lo correcto, análogo o digital?

No hay respuesta correcta. Existen varias diferencias entre ellas, y dentro de las
grandes diferencias existe que las digitales hoy en día, tiene la posibilidad de tener
infinitas funciones para su operación (sean efectos digitales, escenas, salidas
auxiliares multiples, procesadores, multiples ecualizadores, etc, etc) y todo lo que
pueda entrar en un sistema operativo. Dentro de tamaña ventaja, existe su valor, el
cual es super elevado, incluso en las consolas pequeñas digitales. La cantidad de
recursos útiles para utilizarlas es infinito, sin embargo su conexión sigue siendo tan
analógica como siempre. En cuanto a las consolas analógicas, la funciones vienen
limitadas según el fabricante, el modelo, el material, el precio, etc etc etc. Consolas
económicas, traerán escasez de funciones y calidad de construcción basado en su
precio. Hoy en día, existen miles y miles de marcas que fabrican consolas que
fáciles de utilizar y a un precio mas que accesible.

La elección de las mismas, siempre se tendrían que hacer dependiendo a tus
necesidades pasadas, presentes y futuras. No hay standards en cuanto a la elección
de las mismas, ni a su utilización. ¿Cuál es la opción correcta para su aplicación?
Bueno, eso depende. Cualquier compañía que está en el mercado para una consola
analógica o digital debe tener en cuenta todos los pros y los contras.

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 1.48.50 PM

Cynthia Viteri

Sales Representative


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What happened to all the Guitar heros?

headerWhat happened to my beloved Guitar industry? The guitars of today just don’t jump out at me like they used to….why? I remember when guitars came into the guitar store whether it was one guitar or a whole shipment and everyone would gather around because they couldn’t wait to open the new boxes! Customers would be there for the excitement too, but today it’s just not that way anymore. Where has the excitement gone? It didn’t matter what brand people wanted to see, they wanted to be a part of the latest guitar movement… to feel and hear them in all their glory.

Now it’s just another UPS or FedEx shipment with no excitement and it all seems to be blah. There are amazing boutique builders, young and old, building sensational instruments but yet the business has peaked and seems to be stagnant. If there is a numbers boost in units sold nationally it isn’t real as “a race to the bottom”. The cheapest guitars made today are hundreds and hundreds of times better than they were. The technology and value of these instruments is incredible so shouldn’t there be more and better players… or maybe that’s not correct, maybe shouldn’t there be more guitar Heros? They have access to better instruments, better everything yet the industry has been floundered. What happened to the Heroes? It’s been years since I walked into a bar or cafe and said where did that come from…WOW!

I recently read an article quoting George Gruhn and he was so correct he asked “where are the heros…. the guitar virtuosos of today?” I remember a new song came out every other day and I would ask myself, “WHAAAAT how did he do that” or “amazing tone” or “what an Incredible song” and it happened again and again and again. The Legends from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s are still playing those songs over and over. Where are the basement dwellers that have nothing on there mind but shredding like Yngwie Malmsteen or the tone of Eddie Van Halen? Most can remember when they first heard those guys and couldn’t believe it or get enough of them.

What happened to make music change that much? I love music period. I love each and every genre and I made my children listen to all music as they grew up because I wanted them to appreciate all styles of music as I did. So from Larry Gatlin to the Howlin Wolf’s Chicago blues, I couldn’t wait to hear the next great thing. What happened? New types of music launched from Hip Hop to Metal to Grunge, there seemed to be something new all the time, yet access to better instruments and better tools to record and do anything you want didn’t create the result I expected… instead, the industry is struggling. The big box stores ate up the Mom and Pop stores and they are struggling too – it seems to have gone back to service at the local store and pricing on the internet is the only driving factor.

Is technology to blame? Is learning an instrument too difficult for new generations who like instant gratification? You see television shows dedicated to amazing talent but they seem to rise and fall as fast as the shows do.

Where are the heros of today? I don’t have the answers… all I want is the next hero… the next Johnny Winter or the Ramones or even Rush to hit me in the face, so I can once again say…here is a hero! I want to be blown away. I want to buy the CD from the guy at the local honky tonk ‘cause his material or his playing blew me away. So I wait to see what happens to my beloved Guitar Industry… and, I will keep walking into the dives, bars, night clubs or cafes hoping to see the next hottest hero…

Maybe you are the next hero or maybe you know the next hero… don’t give up, the Industry needs you and so do people like me.


Rob Brown

Sales Representative


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Do you have an exit strategy for your assets?

It was only a few short years ago that we were selling used MAC 2000 Profiles for $4000 per fixture in a two way case. Now it seems we are lucky to get $900 for them.  An M7CL48 in very good condition with a case was selling for upwards of  $10-$12,000.00. Now we see them sell for $5000-$7000. Many companies have an abundance of aged gear that is taking up space in their respective warehouses. Soon it will hit the dumpster as a loss. Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 1.17.45 PM

How has this happened and what can you do to stop the bleeding?

First, it’s important to realize that every bit of equipment you purchase is an asset for your company. From the beginning to the end of its shelf life it has a value. As a business, you must depreciate the asset’s value over time (your accountant will consult with you on how to do this ). Just because on paper it may have a value higher than you can sell it for, you must look at the income it has produced over a said period of time. If that income plus the amount you can receive for an asset in today’s market is greater than the amount you paid for the item, go ahead and sell it. Don’t worry about depreciating it further.

I’m not saying that you should sell all of your gear after 3 or 4 years, but putting together an exit strategy plan up front for each item you acquire, is essential in today’s market. Technology is speeding up, whether it’s audio, lighting or video products. The longer you hold on to something, the more chance you take on that asset becoming irrelevant before you can recoup any money for it.

At GearSource we will help you with your strategy. Our team can give you firsthand information of what your asset may be worth in a few years and when a good time to sell it will be. Give us a call to discuss this important element of your overall business strategy.

Steve Slack

Steve Smith

Sales Representative®.