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The Need for productions in your House of Worship.

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 10.21.37 AM
For many in the Christian based Church Community this will be something you already know. For others this should be food for thought…
To a large extent and due mostly to advances in various social media platforms there are truly a lot of competition for faith based messaging and  attendance. In today’s world, we have to quickly realize that there is a HUGE modernization in the way that God’s message is delivered. Because of this, Pastors are always thinking about new ways they can instantly pour out their message though cell phones to entertain a young mind.
Overall, Contemporary Houses of Worship services have been a commonplace amongust Baptist, Non-Denominational Christian, and Evangelical Christian congregations for the better part of 10-15 years. Others “more traditional religions” have begun to catch on to the need to modernize their message and present it in a more “eye catching” way.
As a Roman Catholic myself…….my Parish added an additional video projector last year, they modernized their youth group presentations and this is a denomination that is coming out of a 45 year old audio sound system. Can you say, “anybody interested in an upgrade? Maybe new Altec A7’s or JBL 4560?
As a company GearSource® serves an important role in the religious community.  As a company, we are the place to sell your old gear, update your older equipment or just get well grounded advice on how to improve your services. Including getting your message out in a modern way. Click this PDF to see how I assisted a House of Worship get a new system within 45 days > GearSource® Tech Sportlight TFW Magazine.
Please feel free to reach out to us any time to discuss your House of Worship needs.

Henry Kones – VP Business Development GearSource® Inc.

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Why list your gear with GearSource®?

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In 2001, when I started this company, you really didn’t have other options. You basically died with whatever gear you purchased, unless you were able to find a local school, church, or theater who might want it. Rental companies certainly wouldn’t sell to other rental companies, and the internet was still young, there wasn’t even Facebook!

Today is much different. You have many options when it comes to the disposal of used gear. You can post an “ad” on eBay, add some pictures and maybe even prices to your Facebook page, or even use one of our many, smaller competitors. We have recognized and embraced these technology and social changes along the way, and we have adapted.
Based on a foundation / platform that we call G-Suite®, we have created selling tools that empower you and arm you with knowledge. We have a nice little tool called GSiQ® that offers you pricing suggestions based on REAL sales of the same or similar items. We have a Listing API, allowing you to tie our system and yours together, providing automated listings updates (when an item is out on a rental, it is not available for sale on our site, and when it returns – it is back up and listed). We have an offer system where – once your item has not sold for a period of time, our site will automatically begin accepting offers. This tool alone has produced numerous sales on stale or difficult to sell items. We have a full-time team of tech experts who are always looking for ways to improve our platform and bring more sales to your gear.
And we listen! Many of our greatest features and updates have come by way of suggestions made by power users who dreamed of better methods and we agreed!
In addition to the tools, we have invested in our people. You won’t find a more professional, caring and dedicated team anywhere. Many of these people have been with GearSource® more than 10 years and have 20+ years industry experience. Not to mention, no one else has offices and people in the USA, Europe and Asia. Did you know that when you list an item for sale here in the USA, we may also put it up for sale in Uzbekistan, Cambodia, Denmark, and Australia?
The bottom line is this. We REALLY care about selling your gear, and unlike ANY other method you might consider, we care about the price you get as well. We want you to get top dollar, as long as you are offering top gear. Quality does matter when it comes to used gear, and people buy from us because they trust our people, our process, and our products.
We realize the many choices you have when it comes to disposal of your gear, and we promise to ALWAYS provide you with the best option right here at GearSource®. So give it a shot… Reach out to one of our Business Development “GearHeads” today!
Marcel Fairbairn
President and CEO

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Is Kinetic Art the next big thing in the production business?

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 11.10.55 AMWalking around LDI this year I started to see a new trend emerge. I asked myself, is Kinetic Art the next possible wave of productions? Several of the booths this year featured both moving lights and elements to create a visual spectacle that drew lots of observers.

If you are not aware of Kinetic Art, it is Lumino kinetic art. Lumino kinetic art involves, as the name suggests, light and movement. Lumino kinetic art is now being widely used in stage productions.

In most cases, multiple smaller arrays of led lighting are strung across multiple DMX controlled “mini motors” that create a visual art flow. While some of these systems are still costly, I can definitely see a movement towards lowering the cost and an increase in strong visual presentations in the world of production.   

Here’s just an example of one I found amazingly cool. Kinetic Art at LDI by Media Front CLICK HERE to watch. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 11.04.58 AM

If you want to learn more about production lighting and gear…reach out to me at



Henry Kones

Business Development Manager®

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What is Less than Truckload Shipping (LTL)?

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 10.12.16 AM

LTL is a type of ground freight transportation that combines shipments from multiple customers. Businesses choose this budget-friendly option when the consumer demand for their products is average or stable.

Less than truckload shipping is definitely more affordable for small companies because you share the transportation costs with other companies.  Basically, each company takes up a portion of the truck for their goods and only pays according to the amount of product shipped and the length of travel.

The only downside is LTL shipments generally take longer because they make several stops and unpack and repack goods before the truck reaches the destination. However, this also means you’ll save on shipping costs.

Advantages of LTL:

  • Cost effective freight transportation
  • Ideal for small businesses

What is Full Truckload Shipping (FTL)?

Full truckload can mean 2 things: either you have enough products to fill a full truckload or you have a partial load but you prefer a dedicated truck.

Full truckload is often chosen when businesses have 10 pallets or more to ship, they have high risk packages, or time is an issue (FTL is faster). Full truckload costs more than LTL, but it will get your shipment delivered faster.

Advantages of FTL:

  • Best way to transport large shipments
  • Ideal for high risk or delicate freight shipments
  • Shipment remains in the same truck from point A to destination
  • Considerably faster than LTL; great for high consumer demand

If you want more information on shipping your gear, feel free to reach out to me at



Len Brooks

Operations Manager®

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Lean thinking in the business environment!

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 4.20.08 PMTaking a tour of a facility with a business owner can be an eye opening experience. I have had the opportunity to  visit many rental companies and production equipment resellers across the United States and Canada and it quickly becomes apparent which businesses make money and which ones do not.

Overwhelmingly, one theme continues to emerge from successful business’, that it what I call “Lean thinking or a Lean business model” in which the owner and management set a very tight and narrow goal and push towards that goal.

This type of goal setting permeates every aspect of their business from workplace cleanliness to the QC process, to inventory management and ultimately the sale.

I recently visited a large led screen rental house and was blown away by their QC process….since they rent so much gear, they have a designated area for checking in gear and they used rolling carts that can be moved to the gear, inventory gets logged and then gets moved to another area.   

Every area of the warehouse was color coded and the legend of that color coding was posted all over the warehouse.  Anyone walking through the warehouse could easily see where everything was and how they were progressing.

Each screen QC area was completely set up to service screens.  All cables were run through a cable checker and then stored back in crates; screen was fully rigged and tested for defects; at the end of the day each tech tool had a number associated to that QC station and was put back in place by the end of the day.

This is only one story of many that I have seen but it again speaks to the common thread of not deviating from your business model and chasing unprofitable rabbits.



Henry Kones

VP of Business Development.

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Who to buy your production gear from and why…

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 10.47.59 PMWhy do you buy used gear? Is it to add to your existing inventory of rental items, to increase your production capabilities or to install at your location?

Many of you are repeat customers and have bought from GearSource® many times. Others of you are new customers to the used gear market, a market that is ever changing and has a number of companies that you can buy from. You can also buy from individuals on various forums, and on eBay.

So…. where should you make your purchase and why?  Buying from a company like GearSource will give you peace of mind on a couple of fronts.

  1. Think of the last new item you purchased. It came with a warranty. At® we offer a minimum of a 48 hour warranty on all items (some of our vendors offer more) so that you can receive the item and test it to make sure it works. If it doesn’t work, we work with the vendor to resolve the issue.
  2. GearSource handles all shipping. We have a logistics department that works with many shipping companies to offer you great rates on your shipment and GearSource® offers insurance on these shipments to ensure your investment doesn’t become a loss due to shipping damage.

Ask yourself if these other companies or individuals offer this same sense of assurance before making your investment in used gear. No matter what you are buying, how large the order, or the reason for your purchase, you should do your due-diligence on the seller you are doing business with. As a full service, global re-seller of used gear for the past 15 years, GearSource® has your back. Do the rest?

Steve Slack

Steve Smith

Sale Representative at®.

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Why shop on®?

ShopDo you ask yourself, “why shop on®?”

Well, if you’re requiring a console, some monitors and a few subs of any specific brand, the likelihood of you finding them all on one website that “caters to only one vendor” is probably very unlikely. However, at Gearsource®, because we have thousands of vendors from all over the world, we can put together exactly the configuration you are looking for, from any brands.

GearSource® is always looking for new vendors, adding products and sourcing anything you may need for your production. Plus, we have sales people eager to help you acquire exactly what you are looking for, within your timeline and your budget…so call or email us anytime.

GearSource® is a trusted resource for great deals on just the right product. If you need gear in a hurry, we try to find it domestically in order to get it to you fast. However, we also work closely with our partners in Europe and Asia and, if need be, can have that “specific” item shipped directly to you anywhere in the world. Servicing our existing clients and vendors and working with new users who come to our site daily is what we do – it’s fun and it’s rewarding to help. So click, call or email us, we want to hear from you today. Put our years of experience to work for you!® is your one stop shop! Contact us today.


Rob Brown

Sales Representative