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About Us

Gear-Source, Inc. was brought to life in October of 2002 by lighting industry vet, Marcel Fairbairn.  Marcel has been in the Automated lighting world almost since it’s inception and is widely known as an innovator and someone you can trust with your business!

For the past 13 years,® has sold more used product in professional Stage Lighting, Pro Audio, Video and Staging than anyone. Now you’ll find B-Stock and new gear and most recently a huge line-up of Musical Instruments.

In creating®, the company made a promise to “clean up” the process of re-marketing used Production gear and has done exactly that in becoming the “eBay of the Production world”. Over the years, several other Websites popped up and attempted to duplicate the® experience but none have done it nearly as well.® offers a secure full-service e-commerce system that: provides escrow style purchasing; a listing system that allows vendors to manage their own listings, whether it’s a few items or a large inventory (through our API); provides a listing App for smartphone and tablet; and, has a full sales and support team.

To better assist the worldwide market, the European office opened in 2006 and the Mexico office in 2013.

8 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hey –
    I saw on you ‘deadbeats’ blog you had dealt with Dale Sahlin and Fusion Design Live. If I may ask, how did that turn out?
    I’ve been trying to contact him for 2 months to finalize a purchase, and it’s like he vanished from the face of the earth. Phone calls to cell and business go unanswered…even though I know some one checks them, because every so often I’ll get ‘users mailbox is full’ messages, then next day its fine…
    Same with emails.
    Just curious. I had one successful transaction with him earlier last year, but am a bit hesitant now…


    • Hey Jerry.

      Yeah, we had some trouble collecting on a particular deal with Dale last year. We’re still doing business though, and hope his situation has improved. He is tough to reach – but primarily because he’s so busy.


  2. Hi Marcel

    I like reading your blogs on the lighting industry. I am in Orlando Florida and my dream is to run and own a lighting production company that has lighting inventory. I know you are probably very busy, but it would be invaluable if you can provide me details of where I can find industry info such as (is there a demand for extra gear in town and how much, capital sources, how others started, how can one enter with capital costs soo high?) Thank you so much and as always I’ll keep reading your blogs and using gearsource.

    • Glad you enjoy the Blog Tyler. I would be happy to have a conversation with you when you’re ready. I am back in my office early January, and would be happy to talk with you at that time. Call me!


  3. Where do I go to list a warehouse full of AV Gear that we just took over

  4. Hey Mike – our folks have been trying to contact you without success. If you need any assistance, please call us at (561)296-9555


  5. Marcel. You old dog. Now I find you. Write me please.

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