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Elation B-Stock Gear that “Rock” Bottom Prices.

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GearSource is now featuring a HUGE line of Elation B-Stock gear!

Elation offers Stage Lighting with products specifically designed for various markets, including – Theatrical and Concert Stage, Rental / Production, Studio/Broadcast, House ofWorship, Corporate AV, Exhibitions, Night Club / Leisure, Theme Parks & Cruise Ships. All their products are designed and engineered in USA and sold through their offices in US and Europe but also through partners like us at GearSource®.

CLICK HERE to see these items on GearSource.

The full list of items are available below:

GS Elation – B-STOCK

GSE Elation – B-STOCK

Contact our team at if in the US, Canada or South America. If in Europe contact us at

Have an amazing day and we look forward to hearing from you!




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