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Did you know that GearSource can help you take your corporate event to the next level?

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Corporate Events happen throughout the year and as an audio visual company you might be asking yourself… how do we ensure we make every event the most memorable AND successful experience for our customers? From Exhibits to Exhibitions – It’s always Show Time!

GearSource® has access to an extensive amount of gear specifically designed for live events, outdoor or indoor. Our team of experts will work with you to source exactly what you need, making sure you have the right gear for the location and size of your event. From an initial strategy to experiential design, detailed logistics to show-stopping audio visual effects and every detail in between — GearSource® will help you bring your vision to life.

Just a few examples of gear that will make your next corporate event a success:

Projectors with our FREE freight program:

NP-P474U 4700 Lumen Projector $1,754 USD or $2,280.97 CAD
NP-PX1004UL-B-18 10000 Lumen Projector $22,549 USD or $29,336.93 CAD
NP-PA653UL-41ZL 6500 Lumen Projector $8,887 USD or $11,562.25 CAD

Indoor and Outdoor LED Screens:

30 Tile Ai05 Super Slim Indoor LED Video Screen $38,265 USD or $49,783.91 CAD
Indoor LED Display Wall – 9.81′ x 18′ – Rental Grade $100,000 USD or $130,103 CAD
UPADIII 4.8 Outdoor/Indoor Rental LED $171,604 USD or $223,261.95 CAD
In Europe Apix 2 LED Modules 950 € or £845.85

Sound Systems:

Nexo Geo S System Line Array Sound System $17,396.85 USD or $22,633.80 CAD
TL1200 Complete Line Array System $37,037 USD or $48,186.25 CAD
VTX V20 Three-Way High Directivity Line Array System $110,000 USD or $143,113.30 CAD

We also have a wide rage of intercom systems available for your event communications. CLICK HERE.

For more information on gear for your upcoming corporate events, reach out to GearSource directly at or call 866-669-GEAR and ask for your Regional Rep. If you are in Europe, contact or call +44 20 3051 7715.

GO online today – – and check out all the latest deals and be sure to sign up for our Listings Update so you are always up on the latest gear.

We look forward to partnering with you to make your next event an amazing success.

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