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The Need for productions in your House of Worship.

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For many in the Christian based Church Community this will be something you already know. For others this should be food for thought…
To a large extent and due mostly to advances in various social media platforms there are truly a lot of competition for faith based messaging and  attendance. In today’s world, we have to quickly realize that there is a HUGE modernization in the way that God’s message is delivered. Because of this, Pastors are always thinking about new ways they can instantly pour out their message though cell phones to entertain a young mind.
Overall, Contemporary Houses of Worship services have been a commonplace amongust Baptist, Non-Denominational Christian, and Evangelical Christian congregations for the better part of 10-15 years. Others “more traditional religions” have begun to catch on to the need to modernize their message and present it in a more “eye catching” way.
As a Roman Catholic myself…….my Parish added an additional video projector last year, they modernized their youth group presentations and this is a denomination that is coming out of a 45 year old audio sound system. Can you say, “anybody interested in an upgrade? Maybe new Altec A7’s or JBL 4560?
As a company GearSource® serves an important role in the religious community.  As a company, we are the place to sell your old gear, update your older equipment or just get well grounded advice on how to improve your services. Including getting your message out in a modern way. Click this PDF to see how I assisted a House of Worship get a new system within 45 days > GearSource® Tech Sportlight TFW Magazine.
Please feel free to reach out to us any time to discuss your House of Worship needs.

Henry Kones – VP Business Development GearSource® Inc.

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