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Why list your gear with GearSource®?

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In 2001, when I started this company, you really didn’t have other options. You basically died with whatever gear you purchased, unless you were able to find a local school, church, or theater who might want it. Rental companies certainly wouldn’t sell to other rental companies, and the internet was still young, there wasn’t even Facebook!

Today is much different. You have many options when it comes to the disposal of used gear. You can post an “ad” on eBay, add some pictures and maybe even prices to your Facebook page, or even use one of our many, smaller competitors. We have recognized and embraced these technology and social changes along the way, and we have adapted.
Based on a foundation / platform that we call G-Suite®, we have created selling tools that empower you and arm you with knowledge. We have a nice little tool called GSiQ® that offers you pricing suggestions based on REAL sales of the same or similar items. We have a Listing API, allowing you to tie our system and yours together, providing automated listings updates (when an item is out on a rental, it is not available for sale on our site, and when it returns – it is back up and listed). We have an offer system where – once your item has not sold for a period of time, our site will automatically begin accepting offers. This tool alone has produced numerous sales on stale or difficult to sell items. We have a full-time team of tech experts who are always looking for ways to improve our platform and bring more sales to your gear.
And we listen! Many of our greatest features and updates have come by way of suggestions made by power users who dreamed of better methods and we agreed!
In addition to the tools, we have invested in our people. You won’t find a more professional, caring and dedicated team anywhere. Many of these people have been with GearSource® more than 10 years and have 20+ years industry experience. Not to mention, no one else has offices and people in the USA, Europe and Asia. Did you know that when you list an item for sale here in the USA, we may also put it up for sale in Uzbekistan, Cambodia, Denmark, and Australia?
The bottom line is this. We REALLY care about selling your gear, and unlike ANY other method you might consider, we care about the price you get as well. We want you to get top dollar, as long as you are offering top gear. Quality does matter when it comes to used gear, and people buy from us because they trust our people, our process, and our products.
We realize the many choices you have when it comes to disposal of your gear, and we promise to ALWAYS provide you with the best option right here at GearSource®. So give it a shot… Reach out to one of our Business Development “GearHeads” today!
Marcel Fairbairn
President and CEO

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