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Lean thinking in the business environment!

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Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 4.20.08 PMTaking a tour of a facility with a business owner can be an eye opening experience. I have had the opportunity to  visit many rental companies and production equipment resellers across the United States and Canada and it quickly becomes apparent which businesses make money and which ones do not.

Overwhelmingly, one theme continues to emerge from successful business’, that it what I call “Lean thinking or a Lean business model” in which the owner and management set a very tight and narrow goal and push towards that goal.

This type of goal setting permeates every aspect of their business from workplace cleanliness to the QC process, to inventory management and ultimately the sale.

I recently visited a large led screen rental house and was blown away by their QC process….since they rent so much gear, they have a designated area for checking in gear and they used rolling carts that can be moved to the gear, inventory gets logged and then gets moved to another area.   

Every area of the warehouse was color coded and the legend of that color coding was posted all over the warehouse.  Anyone walking through the warehouse could easily see where everything was and how they were progressing.

Each screen QC area was completely set up to service screens.  All cables were run through a cable checker and then stored back in crates; screen was fully rigged and tested for defects; at the end of the day each tech tool had a number associated to that QC station and was put back in place by the end of the day.

This is only one story of many that I have seen but it again speaks to the common thread of not deviating from your business model and chasing unprofitable rabbits.



Henry Kones

VP of Business Development.

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