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Long ago, I made a commitment to myself and to our largest vendors that I would do better than all other “brokers” when it comes to marketing their gear, especially when you look at the market globally and not just the USA or any one specific region, which meant really marketing gear on a global basis and with the quality your gear deserves. While the other companies claiming to offer global service usually just have a rolodex, or occasionally even as much as a localized phone number or even more rarely maybe a hired contractor or a local rep, none of our competitors have regional offices set up to truly promote your gear on a global level.

Beginning with Europe, our strategy was to offer our sellers the broadest reach and best opportunity to move gear, even large quantities. Oftentimes, this means moving it out of the country. While we were doing a respectable business in Europe, I knew that we would see far greater success with a local presence and support. So with that goal, I began to search Europe for the RIGHT partner to head it up. It was actually my good friend, Jonathan Resnick from Barbizon, who introduced me to Garry Nelsson and we immediately hit it off. Garry is a highly respected, well known staple in the European gear sales business. His background in multiple disciplines, plus his strong moral character, closed the deal for me… a few short months later, was launched.

This sounds easy – right? It is now, but when we did it… the software to do what we were doing simply didn’t exist. So, we created a new platform that we called “GS Multi-Site™”. Behind this pretty face, we were now able to market US-based listings into Europe and vice-versa. In fact, we can turn on or off a “switch” displaying listings from any region to any region. Or, in some cases, not displaying that gear due to compatibility or even territorial rules by the manufacturer. Plus, we can launch a full e-commerce, region-based website in mere weeks – a feat that would have taken months a few years ago. Pretty cutting-edge stuff!

Quickly, Europe sales grew to match the size of our N American markets. So a few years ago, my focus shifted to the Asian region. People think that Asia is highly dominated by Asian or, more specifically, Chinese gear. In fact, these markets are very interested in brands from Europe and N America but yes, like most of the world, they’re price sensitive. This opens a massive opportunity for used gear. We began in 2016 to really shake trees looking for a partner to help us pursue Asian growth. Strangely, the call came from a company we had done business with. Don Chan’s Singapore based company, Vision Pro are experts in the video, and more specifically, LED Screen business. But, like Garry in Europe, Don has experience in Audio and even lighting as well. More importantly, my team were immediately impressed by Don’s ambition, style and character. Don, and his manager, Manoj, visited Florida soon after, and was born.


Today, when you list your Grand MA console, VariLite fixture, Barco Projector or V-Dosc Line Array on, those listings immediately convert to localized currencies and begin being promoted on our Global sites. These sites combine for more views and higher value than ANY other competitive site, business, magazine or other used gear options. And, when someone in Vietnam calls to enquire about purchasing your Barco Projector, they can view it in their currency, be greeted in their language, on their time zone, etc. Not only does this offer an increased convenience to the buyer, but security for the buyer and seller and once more, localized support.

Soon, you will see more announcements for other GearSource sites in other important regions. As we add those sites, just look at that as another place your gear is being promoted… for free! Also, when you look on one of our sites for a piece of gear, know that our listings experts globally are finding listings no one else finds – because we’re actually in those markets. We are part of those communities. GearSource World is really becoming a reality. Join us…. will you?



Marcel Fairbairn

– CEO Gear-Source, Inc.

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