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GearSource® Licenses Asian Partner to Launch GearSource Asia

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GSA2Gearsource®, the Global Leader in used production equipment, is poised to create immediate growth of double digits throughout its Asian markets with the launch of in June.

“While we have grown our business consistently on a global level, our team have always eyed Asia as a large market with enormous growth potential” quoted GearSource® founder and CEO, Marcel Fairbairn. “We will dedicate our team and resources to make sure this venture lives up to the market potential as we look forward to doubling our global business in the next 2 years”.

GearSource® Asia is based in Singapore under seasoned industry veteran, Don Chan. Don has spent 25 years establishing his business and looks to maximize our collective network and long-standing credibility through the power of GearSource® branding and systems. Chan says: “We are proud to be representing GearSource throughout Asia and although we have already developed a strong used equipment market on our own, by utilizing the GearSource® platform, we are confident we can expand quickly throughout Asian markets”.  

1GearSource® was founded in 2001 by Production Gear Veteran, Marcel Fairbairn with the goal of growing while cleaning up the used production gear business. The company has always prided itself on first establishing a unique, stable, efficient and highly trustworthy platform while many of it’s competitors were glorified rolodex brokers. Since it’s beginning, GearSource® has grown to add locations in Europe and Mexico. Each of its offices operates a unique and independent website that remains connected to a proprietary shared database in the USA. Recently, the company began to roll out its new business services platform, branded “G-Suite®”, that empowers GearSource® staff and, more important, it’s users, to conduct business more efficiently and with much more power. Within a few short months, the system will add full proprietary CRM and advanced listings and order management facilities and then, the G-Suite App will launch enabling users to experience a more streamlined and efficient resource for managing, buying, selling or just researching used gear values.

If you have any questions about this release, GearSource® or GearSource Asia please contact our Marketing Department at or call 866-669-GEAR

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