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How well do you know Tom Campbell from TC Lighting Design?

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We got some time to sit do with the ever so amazing Tom Campbell from TC Lighting Design out of the United Kingdom to find out a little bit about his work and what is his biggest inspiration…

screen-shot-2016-12-27-at-12-08-46-pmTCLD was founded in 2007 by lighting designer Tom Campbell. Tom learned his trade touring large-scale theater productions including Evita, Blood Brothers and Cabaret before turning his attention to concerts, in which TCLD now specializes on a worldwide basis. Tom is known to use the latest technology in all aspects of production to make each show or event simply spectacular. Whether the show is for fifty people or fifty thousand, TCLD works to build custom, original and exciting designs for any show that includes: lighting, visuals, set and pyrotechnics, then bring these designs to life, whatever the size of the venue.


What got you into lighting design? – “Rebecca Jennings”: GearSource

I was very lucky to have an amazing theater at School, with some moving heads in the rig which 15 years ago was very rare! I learned to program and realized I loved it (and that doing the school plays helped me skip class – RESULTS!!!) I then went see an early Muse gig and realized that was the direction I wanted to go. – “Tom Campbell”

Who is your biggest inspiration in production? – “Rebecca Jennings”: GearSource
There are so many things that I take inspiration from, the biggest thing for me is the artist and their music. They help me inside my creative space. – “Tom Campbell”
What is your favorite lights or console you use? – “Rebecca Jennings”: GearSource
My favorite console is the Avolites Sapphire Touch, I’ve been using the Titan software since it was realized.  Fixture-wise there are so many amazing fixtures on the market right now but for me, the most exciting fixture is the GLP X4 bar 20, I can’t get enough of it! – “Tom Campbell”
Tell us about your favorite show you ever lighted…- “Rebecca Jennings”: GearSource
I feel every show I’ve ever done is a favorite in one way or another. Each one has its own creative spark about them. – “Tom Campbell”
What creative do you pull from when lighting a stage? – “Rebecca Jennings”: GearSource
It’s always about the artist in one way or another, they should be the center of attention. My highlights should be a cherry on top of what they deliver. – “Tom Campbell”


Tom and TCLD will bring the passion needed to complement your show and make it truly memorable. Here are just a few comments about Tom’s amazing work…

…with Tom the lights are emotional!” – Katy B

Tom really pulled together some amazing tricks and effects on a minuscule budget. His style utterly enhanced the show using silhouettes and screens. He’s a class act.’ – Mike Vennart : Vennart / Oceansize/ Biffy Clyro

Tom is a great person to have on the road. Hard working, easy going and good fun to have around, essential qualities for life on a tour bus. He’s very creative and adds so much to each show. I’ve always found him approachable and accommodating if we need to make any changes during a tour.” – Sarah Cracknell : St Etienne

I literally can’t speak highly enough of Tom. Tom is easily the most talented lighting engineer we have ever worked with in over ten years. Throughout our tour supporting Marilyn Manson around Europe and ESO’s sold out headline shows, Tom was able to turn his hand to any setup and a variety of budgets to create a stunning lighting show, with Tom, the visuals are spectacular every single time.” – Luke Keast : ESO

You can contact TCLD at

Instagram @thetomlights #tclightingdesign


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