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If you are able to play the trumpet you have the lung capacity to sing.

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Meet our latest GearHead, Jason Collier. Jason is known as an amazing trumpet player but in the last year he has transitioned to his latest band called The Music Project.


We met up with Jason to find out a bit about his trumpet playing and a few other tricks up his sleeve.

Jason’s mother made him take piano lessons at an early age, but it never really stuck. He believes he was around 9 or 10 when he started and always had a problem with the ambidextrous bass and treble clef lines. He said, “I never had the attention span to deal with both, which is one of the reasons why trumpet was so appealing to me. It’s only one line treble clef line, but a host of many other things you have to tackle in advance study that you only address when you get there but I kicked it down enough to play a little piano, mostly for a writing aid.

Collier made the choice to play trumpet way back when he was in the 6th grade. His band instructor wanted him to play trombone, but he was already sold on the trumpet. It was just something about the way it sounded that attracted Jason early on. It’s so versatile in nature. It can be loud and boisterous or soft and intimate. It has always been a great challenge, and this is mainly why Jason fell in love with it. It never gets boring and he will always be on this journey to improve it’s sound.

When Jason was learning to play trumpet in middle school, he was really inspired by Wynton Marsalis like most other young aspiring players. He later on was introduced to Clifford Brown whom absolutely blew him away. They both continue to inspire Jason daily, but what they do is a miracle that many have tried and failed to replicate. The biggest thing Jason has learned from both is to listen to his own voice and to be honest within his sentiment.


Jason’s favorite musicians currently are all over the board. As far as innovation and creativity on the trumpet, he disclosed, “I would have to say Roy Hargrove and Ambrose Akinmusire. Their ideas are so vivid and fresh. As far as singers, I would have to say I’ve been listening to lots of Kurt Elling, Otis, Stevie , Marvin, and Donny. And I mean a lot. It’s just something about the tone, inflection, and intention of the way that they each shape phrases and grooves that makes them stand out to me. I’ve also been checking out the songwriting of Billy Joel and Stevie Wonder (once again). The way they craft the marriage of lyric and song is fascinating. It all goes together so seamlessly woven by unique grooves and soul.”

Jason’s new band came about at the beginning of 2016 . He wrote his Ep “Sentiments of a Hopeless Romantic” back in 2014 , but just started performing it live earlier this year. It’s a process. “No matter how well you think you’ve crafted it only about 70 percent of it is brought to life in my opinion. We are still chipping away to polish it up and it sounds better every time. I would be a fool to not mention Mark Carbone: Drums , Spencer Garn : keys , Jacob Lawson : Bass, Paul Poovey: Trumpet, and William Hollingfield: Sax. It’s a big band and hard to coordinate schedules sometimes but we work it out and get it together. I’m so lucky to perform with a group of guys that are in their own right accomplished musicians that lead their own projects. I’m humbled to call each and every one of them friends, and dumbfounded by how much energy and support in learning and performing my music. It’s truly a blessing, and I am a lucky guy.” states, Jason.

Jason overall would like to animate the sounds he hears in his head, and make them a tangible form of energy. However trite or awesome they might be, he just wants to create something that evokes a feeling, or some nostalgia. His biggest goal is to write music that people can dance, sing, and be introspective with when necessary. It’s all left to interpretation, but he would like to paint a picture with sound and to inspire someone else to do something creative. Anything creative without hesitation.

Within our last segment, Jason disclosed that he hopes that the future holds a lot more music to come. He is currently working on his next EP that should be out soon. He would also like to collaborate with more creative people within his beautiful city of Atlanta. “I’m also working on building a trumpet studio to teach the kids or anyone fascinated with music in general or trumpet performance.” states Jason.

Feel Free to check out Jason Collier video on our Facebook page.

If you want to know more about Jason Collier or anything about trumpets, contact Robert Brown with at (866) 669-GEAR or find us online at We look forward to talking with you.


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