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The landscape around customer communication and sales is rapidly changing and with it, questions surrounding the best methods on pricing your pre-owned inventory. Have you taken time to ask yourself, “what is the best price for moving my equipment?”

In light of this rapidly evolving pre-owned gear industry,® has created a new way to quickly determine the value of listings to assist you in pricing your gear to move it at a faster rate. We call it GSiQ! This new module gives users access to our vast database by suggesting the best pricing range, based on the actual historical listing numbers. This enables the seller to deliver more realistic pricing options that provide a less intrusive cost on the end user accessing information on your given inventory.   

Screen shot 2016-06-22 at 9.46.53 AM® is FIRST to introduce this pricing guidance on pre-owned equipment. The revolutionary pricing module allows for real-time suggested pricing of preowned equipment, based on the condition. The “Suggested List” and “Last Sold For” values on this item show up in the pricing section, once a condition has been selected. The feature, available on the Listing App as well, also works in “Edit Mode” for existing listed inventory. The pricing is current, real-time and accurate information to help you move your gear at the fastest rate possible.

CLICK HERE to watch our DEV video overview of this new® feature.

If time is money, it might seem daunting to work to self research the pricing around your pre-owned equipment.’s GSiQ has cultivated the data for you and inserted it into your listing procedure so you can set a listing price that ensures your inventory will sell more quickly. The benefit of using our custom pricing module is to put buyers at your fingertips more quickly, saving you the time you would have spent on pricing research.

If you would like to learn more about® GSiQ, feel free to contact us at (866) 669-GEAR or find us at

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