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InfoComm was a HUGE success this year!

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As an equipment reseller, Gear® had one of the most productive InfoComm shows ever.  This show, with its 39,000 attendees, continues to set the bar for production professionals in the Sound / Lighting and Audio Visual Industry. It is a quiet environment where a business owner or a technician can causally walk the show and easily obtain information about the products and services they are interested in.


Manufacturers continue to show products that are miniaturized to have a reduced footprint in a truck.

On the portable speaker side of thing manufacturers like K-Array continue to deliver self powered portable sound systems that offer a high quality sub-woofer coupled with a tall and skinny column speaker for high frequency. For the fist time this year, their were 4-5 competing European brands to this product.

Video projection continues to advance with laser driven output but what I found to be most impressive were the options in ultra wide angle projection lenses that allowed nearly 180 degrees of coverage.   In one example Panasonic, with a mere 2 projectors was able to light a 120 degree arced projection screen from floor to nearly the 30’ ceiling.  I see this as the next big thing in the use of scenic projection for events to compliment pixel mapping.

By far….Stampede actually gets my most interesting display with their “Drone Pavilion”.   It was the only presentation I was glued to were, the flight technician flew the better part of 5-6 drones and explained the different uses for each one.  By the end of the presentation, an attendee would have been easily able to select a drone, camera option, flight time and the application for their business.

For the business owner, many of the companies in attendance have gotten to the point in our economic recovery where they are taking the final steps to push older and dated technology out of their warehouses.   Many a company stopped by our booth and had gear they both needed and needed to sell. With the recent introduction of “Pricing Guidance” on the Gear Source listing pages, owners no longer have to guess at what their gear might sell at. The advanced pricing algorithm was a welcomed addition to the suite of tools provided to vendors of the website.

Can wait to see what next year brings.

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