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Do you know how to turn-on your Church Production within four weeks?

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A 21-acre church campus located in Palm City Florida is making big moves with their productions and new Pastor, David Evans. Palm City New Hope Church was brought to life in 1986 under the name Stuart Nazarene located at that time on 10th Street in Stuart. In 1988, under the direction of Senior Pastor Gary Durham, plans were laid for the establishment and to move the location to the resided 21-acre campus in Palm City. Through their vision, Palm City New Hope Church believed in their mission and would never let their dream die. Because of their dedication, the new location was completed in 2001. Now, Palm City sets forth to continue God’s word and fill in new faces daily within their larger facility.


Palm City’s mission is to spread the teaching of Christ throughout their Treasure Coast and beyond. They are closely working with Pastor David Evans to develop new strategies through their current church productions and spread the teaching of Christ within each production. The first steps on this path, was to upgrade their current production gear.

While in the process of setting up a home within their new location, Palm City realized they required a complete new lighting and sound system that would also include projection. Overall, they were looking into a high-end system that would fit the needs of their larger congregation. They also saw that the demographic of their congregation dramatically changed with faces of younger families and younger adults. Palm City needed to retain a creative production value that these younger minds would long to require. Palm City also desired to implement this upgrade to have the capabilities to project images within the entire production space, not just on two side screens along the sides of the staging area.

ChurchPanaramic.pngWith such a huge upgrade and time constraints, Palm City New Hope Church requested some professional assistance. With the advice from their consultant at GearSource, they were informed that they were able to obtain pre-owned equipment that would give them the ability to have a higher-end production equipment but keep the price within their planned budget. Through this connection, Palm City was able to find High End System ShapeShifters and they immediately knew the lights would give them the most bang for their buck over all the other available intelligent lighting options. The church also chose Platinum LED spots and ETC Source 4 PARS that would achieve the standard great white wash across the front of their stage.

2Pastor David Evans went back to his consultants at GearSource to help him clearly define the best Lighting Console for Palm City New Hope. After many discussions, they came to the final conclusion to add a MA Lighting Command Wing. Pastor David felt that Palm City required a standard high-end professional lighting control system, so that if any touring company came to Palm City, they would be immediately familiar with what the church had installed. At this current time, New Hope doesn’t have an in-house sound or lighting designer but Pastor David installed a simple and easy to use version for the MA Lighting control system by programming a separate simple Chavez analog desk. This will make it easy for their volunteers to quickly pick up the system with a bit of instruction.

With their new sound system, the consultant at GearSource advised David to check into a company that services large audio systems within the area. After taking a trip to the location and sampling many different line arrays systems, Palm City settled on installing an AS Audio Line Array and subs. Pastor David found this system to be versatile and on par with a few of the big name brands that are available on the market today but it would be cost effective and inside their budget. Palm City was looking for that clear crisp sound of a speaking system but with a tight rumble you would expect from a large contemporary band.

Palm City New Hope Church knew that going with pre-owned equipment would be right up their ally, it gave them access to high-end gear but would allow them to stay within their budget. “ Why spend thousands of dollars for brand-new equipment when you’re only going to use them a few times a year? Besides they are up there in the ceiling completely concealed and out of the way. This makes our lives and servicing our lighting rig a whole lot easier. Why pay full price when good second hand does the trick?” states Pastor David Evans.

Palm City couldn’t have been happier with their new upgrade. The entire project was turned around within four weeks to meet the time push for the Church’s Easter Production. Pastor David quickly met with the consultant at GearSource to come up with the strategy. Within a few days, the consultant had four invoices delivered and a clear plan to move forward with the install. Palm City signed off and the project was underway. After the contract was signed the equipment started to arrive within 10 days. A local company called InDesign installed all the gear, trained the staff and left Palm City New Hope Church with a far more superior and versatile production system to speak with their congregation.

Meet the Team Small HenryIf you would like to know more about how to set up for your next Church Production, reach out to Henry Kones with He is the VP of Business Development and was the direct consultant for Palm City New Hope Church. For more info on Palm City New Hope Church, please visit

GearSource can likewise be found online at

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