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This GearHead really knows how to lay down some sick guitar riffs!

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How much do you love your Telecaster? We met up with a GearHead named Alex Brenner who lives, eats and dreams about all things music. With his Tele in hand, Alex takes over Atlanta with his musical style and old school sounds.


We met up with Alex to find out a bit more about why he picks the guitar over all other musical instruments. Brenner has been playing since he was 13 so not showing to much of his age he quoted, “around 28 years so far”. His dad had great vinyl laying around the house as a kid and overall it was a pretty massive collection. So Alex contributes his father for placing the “musical bone” in his body. “I think that’s where it started my love for music, but once I heard the blizzard of Ozzy’s album and Tom Petty’s Damn The Torpedoes…I was hooked.”

Outside of his father inspiring him, Alex’s major influences cover lots of 90’s punk; such as Jawbreaker, Face to Face, and Superchunk. Brenner remembers in the late 80’s Material Issue was a big influence on his life and that’s where he got his pop sensibilities from. These bands were very Cheap Trick sounding with big hooks. Guitar wise, he loves 80’s shredders like Yngwie J. Malmsteen and Paul Gilbert. But Alex also stated that he loves country artist like Guthrie Trapp and Kenny Vaughn.

We were not at all shocked when we met up with Alex to see his extensive gear collection. We counted total : three custom telecasters – Alex pointed and said, “they are usually cheap used Fender Squires that get GFS or Dragonfire pickups installed”. He also has a Squire Pawn Shop 51, which he says is for a more strat like sound, and to round up the collection, “an Epiphone Les Paul Standard with Dragonfire Invaders, Greatch Jet Club and an Epiphone Casino for the jazzy stuff.” Overall, his favorite guitar is his new custom Tele; it’s a single humbucker rock machine. “I like things really simple. Telecasters just fit my body perfectly and they can be really clean or totally raging.” said Alex.

Alex’s band is called Swingset and is a straight up punk rock trio. They are very 80’s and 90’s influenced. Swingset plays very melodic high energy sing alongs and they have two records out and are working on their third this summer. Click Here to hear more.

To round up the interview we asked Alex, “What made you steer to your musical style of playing?”  He came back and replied simply, “once I heard the Replacements my life changed; great songs about not fitting in. I never fit in anywhere, I loved beer and I was a lonely kid. That’s when I learned how important lyrics were and how important it was to make a connection with an audience. From there, I just kept buying records and learning the history of music. I’m as influenced by The Ramones as I am by Queen,so I guess you can say my style is actually of mix of many genres.”


Rob Brown with Musical Instruments knows a lot about a variety of guitars so if you have any questions about Alex Brenner or guitars please feel free to contact him anytime at  (866) 669-GEAR.

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