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Do you know Rob Brown? If you don’t…you should.

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Have you had the pleasure of taking a moment to talk with Rob Brown? I bet you are asking yourself, who the heck is “Rob Brown” and why should I care about this complete stranger? Well, let me give you some insight…

I came on to GearSource about six months ago as the Marketing Director of the company. Coming on to a new job is not easy and there is always some self worth, “as we all know” that needs to be proved. We can boil it down to one word…STRESS. With this being said, the best part about a new job that relieves this stress is the excitement.  What fuels that excitement is being backed by a great team. I immediately found this when I shook the hand of Rob Brown. Rob Brown is the Sales Manager of within the Musical Instrument department. With Rob, the inspiration he gives not only extends in building a brand but also his deep passion around musical instruments.

In 1975, Rob Brown(also known as Robbie) started working part time after school in Red Deer at a local Music Store. After this, he then moved to Calgary after High School to work in a big musical store to run their rental department from 1980 to 1984. With his love and background in music, he started his first store with his brother in Calgary. With much success, it expanded to Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg and then on to Toronto. Slowly Rob wanted a change so he moved out of retail and started doing manufacturing work. He landed a job working for a large acoustic guitar builder and oversaw purchasing. He then took a leap and moved to Arizona to do national sales with this manufacturer and developed his own brand of Acoustic Guitars. With his extensive background, on July of 2015, he took on the task of launching the MI division of Rob has also traveled extensively in USA, Canada and Europe . He brings years of experience to the table with his dedication to product knowledge and cutting edge technology.

Motley Crue (1)I know Rob Brown deeply cares about each person that purchases from It doesn’t matter if you are a music buyer or a large Distributor. He takes time to follow-up after each purchase until your order is placed in your hands, to make sure you received the best service possible.

Rob Brown also takes time to closely work with everyone that lists gear with He speaks with everyone listing gear on the site to make sure they know the listing process and  inspects each listing to make sure it is top quality. He works with everyone including major Manufacturers to make sure everyone receives white-glove service.

Rob and I, in a short period of time, have created a family work environment. I see his dedication to people (including me as a co-worker) daily and I know that he extends the same loyalty to everyone that works directly with GearSource. If you ever have a moment to pick up the phone and talk with Rob, I HIGHLY recommend it. Not just for his product knowledge but also his passion for music and people. His deep appreciation of his clients needs, is so vital to GearSource’s natural progression into this exciting area of expertise.

Screen shot 2016-05-09 at 12.15.16 PMYou can contact Rob Brown anytime at (866) 669-GEAR Extension 2. If you have any questions about listing or purchasing gear through, Rob would be obliged to assist you with your needs.

Rob believes that having the right culture is the key to success and looks forward to making you a part of the GearSource family. He will work closely with you to help build a relationship that will last a lifetime.

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