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Can you believe that Floyd Rose will inspect your guitar?

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Do you know Floyd Rose and the Floyd Rose Locking Tremolo System?

Floyd D. Rose is an American musician and engineer who invented the Floyd Rose Locking Tremolo System in the late 1970s, eventually founding a company of the same name to manufacture and license his products. This double locking system was notable for its ability to stay in tune despite repeated use and wide variations in pitch. His design was later recognized on Guitar Worlds 10 Most Earth Shaking Guitar Innovations.

In the early 1980s, Rose was playing guitar in a Seattle hard rock band named C.O.R.E. Eventually, he and vocalist Scott Palmerton (also known as Jonathan K.) left the band in order to form Q5. They were joined by guitarist Rick Pierce, bassist Evan Sheeley and drummer Gary Thompson from another local band named TKO. In 1983, the band gained the attention of the rock band Heart’s management team and recorded a seven song demo. Later that same year, the band recorded their debut album, “Steel The Light,” which eventually earned the band some notoriety in Europe the following year after being re-released on the Music For Nations label. The band’s follow-up album, “When The Mirror Cracks,” took a more commercial approach, but failed to achieve the level of success of their previous release. The band disbanded shortly thereafter.

Like many other guitarists of the time period, he frequently experienced issues with his guitars going out of tune after using the tremolo arm. In 1976, after trying several traditional techniques for keeping the guitar in tune, he began developing a locking system to keep the strings from moving freely through the nut. Several improvements soon followed, including using more durable materials to lock the strings down on the nut, and the creation of a similar system of clamps to lock the strings down on the bridge. His double locking system was originally hand-made, but high demand eventually led to Rose licensing his design to Kramer Guitars for large-scale manufacturing.

Because of his close eye to detail every Floyd Rose guitar is inspected and set up prior to being shipped to you! It takes an extra day to get it to you but well worth the wait.

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