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Is It Time to Spring Clean Your Older Gear? Here’s How to Do It!

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tumblr_m7yurp4r8S1qa7sluo1_500As spring arrives, many online retailers find that they need to move inventory. Last season’s gear are already being replaced, and if you need to keep cash flowing, these older items must go.

Inventory management is one of the keys to online retail success. And good inventory management often requires the occasional purge. Slow moving, out-of-season gear needs to be cleared out. Money and space must be made available for newer inventory. Many retail businesses have discovered ways to successfully clear out aging or unwanted equipment.

3 Spring Cleaning Tips to Apply to our Inventory


Getting organized is only step one; you also have to figure out how to keep it that way. You don’t want your gear collecting dust. It is better to keep an accurate record of all your inventory and move the rest. You can easily set up a customize process with GearSource that will send over all your inventory with easy. That way when next spring rolls around you could be looking at less stock to clean.


This spring, look at the inventory items that you still have left in stock. Will these items age well in your warehouse? Will boxes fade? Dust collect? Is there a chance they will be replace with a newer model? Or is your inventory losing value because it is less desired within the industry? When it comes to gear, having too much on hand costs you money. Money that you could be spending elsewhere. It could also raises your storage costs, and as a result, the cost of goods sold.


Do you need additional resources to help you make necessary changes? Having a clear partner that will support you in moving your gear fast is a helpful added bonus. You can stay concentrated on things that matter the most to you, such as bringing in new equipment and business. A trusted partner will look at your older stock, assist in pricing structures and work on getting second hand inventory off your shelfs.

Overall, spring cleaning is about starting fresh. Don’t let your efforts to spring clean wither away come fall. You don’t have to wait for spring to sweep your company clean. Make a conscious effort to rid your company of clutter for good so everyone can remain organized and stay focused on the business objectives that really matter.


We are your professional partner that will assist you in getting your spring cleaning done quickly–and correctly. We will help you in creating a spring cleaning system that you can use to stay organized and streamlined. Contact one of our professionals at or call us direct at +1.866.669.4327 (GEAR). We look forward to helping you with all your inventory needs.

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