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GearSource Musical Instruments now is listing with Google Shopping.

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google-shopping1This platform was created by Craig Nevill-Manning and launched in December 2002, Google Shopping was different from most other price comparison services in that it used Google’s web crawler to index product data from the websites of vendors instead of using paid submissions. As with Google Search, Google Shopping was instead monetized using Google’s AdWords keyword advertising platform.

Screen shot 2016-03-29 at 10.25.49 AM

GearSource took a deeper look at selling our musical instruments on Google Shopping, for many reason, mostly to show price comparisons against other equipment within the market-space. “We wanted to offer our customers quick and simple price comparisons that could save buyers significant saving.” – Robert Brown GSMI Sales Manager.

Google Shopping is easy to use, if you click on the individual Product Listing Ads, Google brings you to, whereas if you shop for a specific piece of gear (such as  in the image above) “LTD M-330R-FM Black Cherry” it will bring you to the Google Shopping comparison page which is relevant for the search for that given piece of gear.

Google Shopping has had a significant impact on e-commerce shopping. Before you start looking to buy any musical instrument take time to look at the pricing structures set up through Google Shopping to see if you are getting the best deal for your money. We at feel that connecting shopper queries with relevant product ads is the science and art of interpreting Retail Search Intent.

Google Shopping’s highly visual nature has translated into a very consumer-friendly ad format, giving the phrase “window shopping” a whole new meaning. By supplementing paid search advertising with (Product Listing Ads) PLAs, retailers can capture almighty shelf-space on the (search engine results page) SERP. GearSource is always looking for new ways to expand our products to customers and make their shopping experience as simple and easy as possible.

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