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With all of the other accessories you need as a learner, you might wonder, why do I need a guitar stand?

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So, you’ve got the guitar, the amp too if it’s electric, a fist full of picks, spare strings and a tuner. Oh, and a case to keep it safe. With all of these accessories, you might well ask why you need a guitar stand.

Well, there are some very good reasons for this:


I know you’re thinking, ‘I’ve got a case to protect it’. That’s great, and it’s certainly the most effective way to keep your guitar in one piece. However, if you have your guitar in a case, how do you store it? Propped up in a corner? Under the bed? It it’s the former, and it’s in anything other than a hard case, it’s still not 100% safe. If it gets knocked or slips, it could still get damaged- the less padded the case, the more likely this becomes. And believe me, there’s no terror like the slow motion horror of your prized guitar tumbling to the floor. Plus, the butt of the guitar, where it rests on the floor, and the headstock, where it rests against the wall, will invariably get damaged though wear.

Stick it in a stand, however, and it’s going nowhere. All of the surfaces that are in contact with the guitar are soft, and so won’t cause any wear. And if you want to be doubly safe, most stands will accommodate a guitar in a gig-bag.

Your Guitar Will Be “Play Ready”

There is a phrase, ‘convenience is the mother of invention’. I don’t know who said it, but they were definitely onto something… This is certainly true when it comes to playing the guitar.

Consider this- which are you more likely to play?

  1. A guitar that is in a gig bag, stored under the bed – Playing this will entail getting it out of the case, and then most likely tuning it, too.
  2. A guitar that is stood invitingly in a stand – just pick it up, and play- it’s practically begging. It may well still be in tune, as the tuners haven’t been knocked or moved whilst removing it from a case.

If you only have a few minutes spare time, having a guitar that is ready to play with minimum fuss means you can take advantage of small windows of time to pick up your axe and get some practice in. Convenience is amazing.

Guitars Look Cool

When you had the idea to learn how to play the guitar, did you think ‘I love the sound of the guitar, but boy is it ugly’? No. You most likely thought that the guitar was the coolest instrument ever designed, and that just by owning one, some of that cool would be transferred to you. Well, this is sort of true, but if your guitar is hidden away in a case, or stuck away in a corner, how will anyone ever appreciate it? Have it on a stand, and your love of the guitar is displayed proudly for visitors to see.

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