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Are you asking why should I signup for GearSource’s newsletter?

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You might be asking yourself…why have I not signed up for GearSource’s newsletter, yet?

Reasons for signing up include helping you find or list your gear quickly. We know how important your job is to you and anything pulling you away from that is distracting. Overall, our mission is to make your life easier by putting the right equipment, education or even giveaways right at your fingertips. It’s just a simple sign up and you will be receiving:

  • Interesting, new and exclusive content on all things gear, best prices on purchasing equipment or how to move your equipment quickly.
  • Access to our blog that contains necessary and highly useful information.
  • E-learning courses, equipment education and information on the industry.
  • Internal news and the hottest information about
  • …and most importantly, guaranteed security. We have created our own privacy statement to make you feel secure.

Each email will have a personal and direct touch to your given industry. Including:

  • Church Production
  • Theatre Production
  • Nightclub and Bar
  • Concert and BackStage

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So, have you signed up for our newsletter, yet? SIGN UP today to get your daily cheat sheet on all things gear and Better yet, starting this week, newsletter readers will get the inside scoop before anyone else does. You don’t want to miss that, do you? Didn’t think so: Sign up here, and tell your friends. We know they’ll like it, too.

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