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We will be seeing you at USITT in March!

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We know it takes a lot to get your theatre production underway. The highly skilled creative people working in design and production plan, construct and organize all the physical details of the production’s environment. All the scenery, furniture and some of the props used in the production are the results of the set designer’s vision. The garments and accessories the actors wear represent the work of the costume designer. The actors are made visible and the onstage atmosphere is enhanced by the lighting designer. The background music for the show is created by the composer and the sound designer provides the sound effects.

The stage manager ensures that the whole show runs smoothly.

The design team relies on the production team to translate its vision into reality. The production manager and technical director coordinate the creation of the sets, costumes, lighting and sound/music, making sure all the technical aspects of a production take shape according to schedule and budget while respecting the integrity of the work. Each technical area of a production also requires the skills of a host of trained theatre personnel.

We at GearSource want to be a part of your working crew. Are you currently needing advice on equipment? Having a hard time deciding amongst all the available production equipment brands? Trying to choose best gear that will perform in your room? Looking for something that is user-friendly? Needing to fit your current budget while finding equipment that will retain its value for future productions?

We will be at USITT and would love to speak with you about your Theatre Production Equipment needs. If you would like to visit the show and would like to get in at a discounted rate. BE OUR GUEST! CLCIK HERE and use our VIP promo code : GS1239.

We will be in booth number 1239.

Meet the Team Small HenryStop by and talk with Henry Kones our VP of sales to learn more information. Henry Kones has over 30 years experience in the Sound and Lighting business.  From High School through to 1994, Henry worked with his father in their Miami-based family owned business, Mr. Hank Inc. In 1995 Henry joined automated lighting manufacturer High End Systems. In 2003 Henry joined Gear-Source as VP of Business Development responsible for managing larger corporate accounts, assisting with Sales, Marketing, and planning, as well as sourcing new vendors to®

We look forward to see you on the show floor at USITT.




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