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Do you know Keith Lightfoot?

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We do and we also think he has a wonderful last name.

Keith Lightfoot is a singer-songwriter and musician based out of New Zealand. He is a multi-talented performer, known for his ukulele solos. Lightfoot has recently performed at various ukulele festivals and has recorded for the SPCA Album, the proceeds of which go toward the care and shelter of animals.

During a ukefest (ukulele festival) event, Lightfoot encountered one of our Riptide ukuleles. “The Riptide ukulele is a very different design and creates a unique musical experience,” says Lightfoot.

In addition to being a performer, Lightfoot teaches ukulele lessons through his YouTube channel, offering instructional videos of original songs and classics alike.

“He is delighted to play a RipTide ukulele and he looks forward to encouraging more people to play the ukulele,” says Lightfoot.

RipTide Ukuleles are available on Musical Instruments.

RipTide Solid Top Acacia Concert Ukulele



Acacia, known for its relaxed, island-sounding tone, comes from the Koa family. It has a textured look created by grain patterns in the wood. Riptide’s signature “Dual Port System” allows sound to flow to the player and the audience. Moving the front sound port away from the center of the soundboard increases volume, tone, and sustain. The UC-11NS also has Abalone binding on the body and Rosette surrounding the front sound port. The satin finish gives this instrument a classic look and won’t show fingerprints.

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