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Rebecca Jennings tells us why she loves the L’Acoustics Kiva and Kilo.

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XXXI just love the look and sound of the Kilo and Kiva. As a stand alone speaker they are sleek and sexy but put them into a complete system and you get a power house punch of sound. I can see why they won the 2016 ProSound Web Reader’s Choice Award.

Kilo is an ultra-lightweight modular line source which can be deployed with or without a low frequency extension, giving it a remarkable capacity to adjust to long throw rental production or fixed integration constraints. With its sleek, compact and passive design, this variable Wavefront Sculpture Technology line source delivers an exceptional performance to format ratio.

The Kiva is extremely small, capable of high SPL, and the fidelity is phenomenal, especially considering that the upper arrays on King Kong 360° 3D are flown nearly 60 feet (18.3m) high. Despite the distance, two Kiva per location was more than sufficient to meet the required decibel level and coverage requirements.

Deployed without its low frequency extension, Kiva offers a discreet and lightweight solution that delivers crisp sound, perfectly suited to enhancing speech and vocal programs for theater and special events, especially in environments with strict visual or rigging constraints. When deployed with the SB15m subwoofer, it delivers a full range performance that is excellent for contemporary music programs.



KILO LF Extension

  • Extends the KIVA LF bandwidth for music applications
  • Power/size/weight ratio optimized for discrete integration
  • Rigging entirely captive and fully compatible with KIVA
  • Drive and protection with LA4 amplified controller
  • White and architectural RAL color available

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