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Rebecca Jennings tells us why she loves the Gretsch Broadkaster Deluxe Banjo.

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Reb Love SquareMaybe because of my southern ways but over the years I have really fallen in love with the sound and picking style of the banjo.

The banjo is a stringed instrument with four or five strings. When a musician plays the banjo, the strings cause a thin sheet of plastic or animal hide stretched over the circular frame to vibrate.

The first banjos were thought to have been created and used in Africa in the early 1600s. The instrument was introduced to America by slaves who were brought over from Africa prior to the Civil War.

During the Great Depression, the demand for happy music declined. Since the banjo was thought to be a happy-sounding instrument, it became almost impossible to find a banjo to purchase during this time. It was even difficult to find replacement strings for existing banjos.

In the early 1940s, a man named Earl Scruggs developed a new three-finger style of picking. He combined it with a folk style, and bluegrass music was born.

Today, Earl Scruggs is often called the “father of bluegrass.” Bluegrass banjos have five strings and are played “three-finger style” by picking the strings.

You have probably seen a musician play the guitar using a pick. Unlike most guitarists who strum with one pick held between their fingers, bluegrassbanjo players wear finger picks.

Typically, bluegrass players will wear a plastic pick on their thumb and a steel pick on the index and middle fingers on their right hand. Finger picks help the banjo player amplify the sound of the music.

Gretsch Broadka5555ster Deluxe Banjo

For authentic tone and appointments at an attractive price, look no further than this good-time Gretsch® banjo lineup. These new/old banjos are true players styled after the innovative models of the early 20th century, exuding exude undeniably Gretsch vibe and attitude. The G9400 Broadkaster “Deluxe” 5-String Resonator Banjo features a mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard with new high-contrast inlays, mahogany resonator with decorative inlay, three-ply solid maple rim, 24 brackets, one-piece flange, zinc-alloy tone ring, die-cast geared machine heads, “Presto”-style tailpiece, chrome hardware, 26 3/8” scale, 1 3/16” nut and gloss finish.

Add volume and punch to your sound with the Gretsch G9410 Broadkaster Special 5-string resonator banjo! Not all banjos are built the same. Banjos that sport resonator backs will give you more volume and a brighter sound. These banjo characteristics are usually associated with bluegrass music. You’ll love the tone of the mahogany rim, neck, and resonator on the G9410 Broadkaster Special. The easy playing neck is comfortable and stable. Geared tuners ensure stability for all tunings. A Remo coated head provides great response and plucky sound.


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