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Did you know about the significance of “Duck Bros” that’s stenciled on the flight-case for Eric Claptons Blackie?

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444It actually started with Albert Lee The first person he saw with a duck call was Eddie Offord who engineered “Heads Hands and Feet” and “Yes”, and Eddie used to wander around with a duck call and Albert thought it was kind of crazy but funny. Albert got hold of one year’s later when I was playing with Emmylou Harris.

When Albert joined Eric’s band in ’79 he had this duck call and of course Eric was enchanted with it. Albert thought during rehearsals one of the crew went to a hunting shop and came back with a couple of duck calls and some shoulder holsters. So Eric and Albert became the “Fabulous Duck Brothers!” The next thing they had T shirts made up with “Fabulous Duck Brothers” on them, and then Sterling Ball from Ernie Ball made up some picks with “Fabulous Duck Brothers” on them as well. Eric was “Peking” and Albert was “Bombay”…! It went on from there, and every once in a while they would pull out these duck calls and drive everybody mad with them! Alberts guess it was a few months later when Eric and Albert showed up for another tour and lo and behold all the flight cases had the “Duck Bros” logo on them. Albert still see these cases everywhere and Albert still has some himself. A few years later Eric had “Duck Records” which also had a duck as its logo and it was an extension of all that. Eric and I were the only two Duck Brothers – “Peking” and “Bombay” – the only ones crazy enough to drive everybody mad! And that’s where you see with the true replicas the actual Duck Bros logo stenciled on the Flight Case.
Clapton first played Blackie on stage at the Rainbow Theatre, Finsbury Park, London on the 13th January 1973 at the concert organised by Pete Townshend and others to encourage Clapton’s recovery from addiction. Clapton was to play two shows that night, he played Blackie (with a tremolo arm) in the first show, and used George Harrison’s cherry red Les Paul for the second.

Fender Custom Shop :

Blackie Guitar Eric Clapton

Screen shot 2016-02-15 at 11.33.57 AM

In 1970, Eric Clapton was at a crossroads. He had been playing all sorts of guitars, but really wanted to find THE guitar. Eventually, he ended up in the Sho-Bud guitar shop, a small store in Nashville. He found a rack of Strat’s and was astonished at the price – each under $100. He bought 6, gave 3 away – and kept 3. After playing each, he decided to build one “ultimate” guitar out of the 3 combined. The result, nicknamed Blackie, would become one of the most coveted and valuable electric guitars of all time. Recently, Guitar Center purchased Blackie at a Christie’s auction for $959,000 and commissioned their custom shop to re-create a Limited Number of replicas. This is Serial#20026 which i think is #36 of 185 built for sale in N America. This guitar has never been played – only placed on display for all to share. This blackie comes with EVERYTHING that it came with including case, papers, books and the DVD showing how it was born. Own a piece of incredible history!

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  1. I had NO idea!! Great story!! Marcel

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