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Zerberus-Guitars are a One-Man-Show. The owner does all the work himself from driving around to find amazing long time stored lumber to sawing out the bodies, necks and shape that are all done by hand without using CNC machines. Zerberus-Guitars care so much about their equipment that they have also taken their own photos of the equipment and built out their own website. Not one step of their work is touched by someone else. That is what makes Zerberus-Guitars so very unique.


Here are a few Zerberus-Guitars listed on


Zerberus-Guitars Stonehenge-Hydra

You are looking at the world´s first electric guitar with a genuine Presli Bluestone top on a chambered Mahogany body. Preseli Bluestone? This is the original stone that was used to build the Stonehenge-Monoliths England. Google for Preseli Bluestone and you will be surprised.

Zerberus-Guitars Chimaira Guitar

Chimaira Magma-Burst Custom Style Limited Edition 1 OF 40 NEW!! This Zerberus-Guitars Chimaira is not just a guitar as much as a Lamborghini Diablo is not just a car. The Chimaira we are talking about was made mostly in handy craft in a small batch of only.

Zerberus-Guitars Chimaira Black-Smoke-Burst

The Chimaira guitar that was built as a small limited edition of only 40 guitars worldwide. Developing this guitar I aimed to combine the versatility of our Hydra II with a slightly more unusual design and a more  user-friendly circuit.

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