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Want to make your guitar now only sound good but look good as well?

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c8bff251-8a47-4459-893d-5476778522ed-largeNow you can add tiny accessories to your guitar to help your instrument reflect your individual style. What began as an “inspiration” several years ago, jewellery designer Jos Bervoets has created a series of exclusive beautifully designed pieces of art to attach to the stock of guitars. The unique patented attachment as well as the pieces of art are one of a kind. Jos had been in the jewelry design business for over 40 years starting in the Netherlands, then immigrating to London, Ontario and finally Grand Bend, Ontario, his current residence. His extensive training includes, in part, being under the tutelage of Don Thayer, a master jewelry designer and carver. Jos is not only a jewelry designer and carver, but is an accomplished musician.

The company Rock The Stock was incorporated in May of 2015, with two principles, Jos and Paul Picklo. Paul’s background included extensive time at General Motors, ChemLawn and 25 years as a General Manager at Thumb Cellular, a small cellular telephone company in Michigan. Paul will handle the business side of the company.


Rock The Stock accessories for guitars are sold here on Check out these exclusive pieces of jewelry on this site to add to your guitar. 

Rock The Stock Baldy Guitar Ornament





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