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Did you know Boulder Creek Guitars have a completely unique bracing system?

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Did you know? Boulder Creek Guitars have a completely unique bracing system that lets the top of your instrument float giving you more tone and volume. That rich vintage tone from a guitar that costs thousands of dollars less is because they were thinking in a new way. Listen to Jeff Strametz CEO of Boulder Creek talk about there patented Suspended Bracing System™ (SBS). I love being steeped in tradition and being a purist when it comes to guitars. When someone figures out a better mouse trap, I believe you should take notice. These guitars sound stellar and you honestly can put them up against some of the best in the business costing thousands more. Well done Boulder Creek, well done.

Robert Brown
Business Development Representative

Here are few guitars from Boulder Creek so you can see there slick design:

4Boulder Creek Guitars  ESJ4-N Jumbo Acoustic Electric Guitar : SBS bracing system has rewritten the books on acoustic instruments. The unique style, affordability and performance have taken a very young company to the forefront of the guitar world.



Boulder Creek Guitars ECS1-B Stage & Studio Dreadnought Guitar  : The Dreadnought is an absolutely sweet sounding Dread with a bite that comes with it! This Dread will turn heads from people thinking you paid thousands more. Huge Tone for a great price, check it out today!


3Boulder Creek Guitars ECS2-V Stage & Studio Dreadnought Guitar : The ECS2-V Stage has a vintage sound, with a sweet look. This Dread will have everyone jealous. Watch it cut through and put your ears in gear! Complete power and tone.



Boulder Creek Guitars S-1N Natural Dreadnought Guitar : Comes in spruce, mahogany, and natural. For players wanting a conventional front sound hole guitar, this is the best you can get. We really love the natural look on the S-1N.


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