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What stage works best for you and the concert you want to depict?

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DSDS-2012-Copyright-LICHTBILDER-Reinhard-Goldmann-2Music is the wine that fills people up and stands for all that cannot be expressed through words, and all that cannot be kept silent. This stenography of emotions influences billions of people, feeding both the mind and soul. You can hear it everywhere, from restaurants to taxis, in subways, in the comfort of your own home, and even throughout the street.

An exceptional live concert will leave a permanent mark on your entire life. I’m sure you remember your first concert and I’m sure you remember the moment when you saw your favorite artist or band perform right in front of you. Even if you are hundreds of feet away from your idol, you will still appreciate the experience that will become a story worth telling your grandchildren.

106-bizbash-1There are live concerts, and there are mind-blowing performances, the kind that break records and enter history. Big bands hire only the best designers to build their stages and only go for brand new concepts, taking their equipment on the road with them when touring in order to set up the same identical concert stage wherever and whenever they play. Many artists go all out when it comes to their stage because it is a direct representation of who they as an artist and what they are trying to portray within that specific concert.

So the question is what stage works best for you and the concert you want to depict? Are you looking for something that is easily transportable? Do you need to replace most of your  manual labor with a hydraulic system on wheels which deployed pre-assembled structural roof and floor panels? Do you need to improve your record time set-up?

Here are a few mobile stages available stage though GearSource that will get you on your way:

16′ x 16′352e99e9-bdca-4216-9d0c-f4d7def217d8 Mobile Solar Powered Stage

Upgrades have been made through the life of the stage including adding more newer and additional inverter giving it 60 amps of head room. Will need some repair and maintenance. This stage is very popular for beerfests, street fairs and non-profit events.

Deployed Stage: 

16′ wide, 16′ deep, Roof Height = 7′ 5″ upstage up to 10′ downstage, Floor Height 2′ to 3′ includes 4′ x 4′ sound wings, ramp and 3′ step stairs



18 x 16 Mobile Stage

Hydraulic stage, manual leveling, solid backdrop, this unit has been in our rental for 3 years. Fully operational, all aluminum global trussing, sound wings and banner / line array attachments.

Comes with a 30 day warranty.



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