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Are you looking to enhance your Easter Church Production?

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Are you looking to ramp up your Easter Service Production or needing to revamp the way you are handling your weekly worship performances? Some staging productions can help express a brand new sermon, idea or concept that speaks deeply to your congregation.

shutterstock_98325752_smallChurches from all over the world are getting ready for one of the biggest holidays of the year – Easter. Some will produce larger-than-life productions but the one thing that all these productions will have in common is that they will all strive for excellence, take an immense amount of time, energy and preparation into making sure that each gathering is full of meaning and excitement. As you know, Easter and Christmas are the most attended services throughout the year. So in what ways do you make your production stand out to your congregation, how can you make your current Easter production standout even more than previous years?

As you plan for your Easter services, keep in mind those things that you have wanted to try out for a while. It may be easier for you to get approval to try something for a special service and then let the leadership see the value that your concept brings. If your church has the budget for it, then you could propose new equipment purchases that can be pushed out to other gathering throughout the year.

The great thing about having a service like Easter is that it gives you a deadline to work toward. With the constant waves of weekend services coming at you it can be hard to pick one to be a deadline to implement something new. What often happens is that the new ideas get pushed off and neglected, and it becomes harder and harder to make them happen. Let Easter be your deadline. If you start working now, you will be able to do some great things by the time Easter gets here. Doing this will not only help you to improve the quality of your Easter services, but in addition, you will be able to work these things into your regular ongoing services. It allows you to take the momentum of your special service and carry it throughout the year.

 Here are a few great production items that will help you set the tone for your performance:



Digital Projection TITAN HD-600 DLP Projector

HD-600 8000 Lumens Projector with .64 lens and rigging frame

Each projector will come with the following:

Rigging frame for the Titan HD – 107-956




Projection Design F30 DLP Projector plus EN13 lens

Nice working Projection Design F30 WUXGA with EN13 Lens

Native Resolution: 1920×1200

Aspect Ratio: 16:10 (WUXGA)

Brightness: 4300 Lumens



bcbca185-0d9a-42fb-b34f-77a0f42a805bVari-Lite VL2500 WASH

The VL2500 Wash luminaire is equipped with the same features and characteristics that make the original Series 2000 fixtures so useful. It is still small, lightweight, and fast with a 700-watt short-arc lamp, impressive lumen output, and a zoom range from 14º to 55º. Of course, the VL2500 Wash luminaire still provides three-wheel CYM color mixing. When combined with 11 standard colors on a fixed wheel, the color options are practically limitless.


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