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Did you know that we are now offering our “Make Offer” process with GearSource Musical Instruments?

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 It is easy to find the Musical Equipment you need and the price offer that is right for your budget. Simply look through our extensive catalog of musical equipment, find the right piece of equipment that fits your musical taste and with an easy click…submit your offer. The vendor has 48 hours to respond to your musical gear inquiry. At that time, the vendor can accept, reject or counter offer your request. Once the offer is accepted it is then converted into a “sales inquiry” and the invoice is submitted. Then the item ships and it safely lands into the hands of the new owner. Our “Make Offer” process is the perfect balance of negotiations between buyer and seller. A process that “makes” everyone happy.

Check out our simple Make Offer info-graphic that explains the process.

Here are a few inventory items that you can “Make Offers” on now > CLICK HERE

Zerberus-Guitars Chimaira Fire-Burst Custom Style Limited Edition : The Zerberus Chimaira guitar that was built as a small limited edition of only 40 guitars worldwide. Developing this guitar I aimed to combine the versatility of our Hydra II with a slightly more unusual design and a more  user-friendly circuit. Of course I did not make any compromise on sound hardware or tonewood. The body is made of solid Korina-Wood with an also solid 18 mm thick Maple top and an amazing selected flamed maple veneer. Then neck is made of hard Maple and is glued deep into the body of the Chimaira. The neck-joint was designed to create a very stable and secure compound. Therefore the neck-heel reaches underneath the neck humbucker.

Zerberus-Guitars Chimaira Black-Smoke-Burst Custom Style Limited Edition : Whether in the studio, on stage, in the rehearsal room or at home in the living room: The Zerberus Chimaira guitar always delivers the perfect sound, and thanks to the Kammerstein QuadRail Humbuckers, even in split mode always two parallel coils are working. That makes the Chimaira very unsusceptible against interference and hum. From the  first contact you can see, hear and feel that the Chimaira is no ordinary  guitar. This guitar inspires and motivates its user to boost  his skills and playing style. We take  personal responsibility for the quality of all Zerberus Guitar  products. Our motto is: “Quality starts with the design process and includes the incorporation of the highest quality, cured tone woods and the  best hardware and best componentry available on the market. Whilst quality inspection can be useful in some situations, it is our aim to circumvent, as  much as possible, its need by ensuring that we build our products ‘right first  time’.

Fender 60th Diamond Jubilee 1954 Stratocaster : Fender celebrates the diamond jubilee of arguably the world’s greatest electric guitar with the limited-edition 60th Anniversary American Vintage 1954 Stratocaster. This special guitar honors the Stratocaster’s very first model year as an “exciting new instrument” with a tone “as new and different as tomorrow,” and is reverently crafted with a rich selection of features, appointments and accessories.

Boulder Creek Guitars ESJ4-N Jumbo Acoustic Electric Guitar :  Boulder Creek’s patented SBS bracing system has rewritten the books on acoustic instruments. This guitar’s unique style, affordability and performance have taken a very young company to the forefront of the guitar world. Experience what has developed from the unique idea that was brought to life in 2007.

RipTide UC-11NS Solid Top Acacia Concert Ukulele : Acacia, known for its relaxed, island-sounding tone, comes from the Koa family of ukuleles. It has a textured look created by grain patterns in the wood. Riptide’s signature “Dual Port System” allows sound to flow to the player and the audience. Moving the front sound port away from the center of the soundboard increases volume, tone, and sustain. The UC-11NS also has Abalone binding on the body and Rosette surrounding the front sound port. The satin finish gives this instrument a classic look and won’t show fingerprints.

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