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Did you know how lighting designers use to rig sound activated lights?

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These days there are literally hundred of types of sound activated lights (lights that move to the music via an internal microphone). Back in the late 60’s and early 70’s, lighting designers suspended small mirrors on rubber bands directly over bass speakers and then shined spotlights onto the mirrors. The resulting effect were beams of light that literally danced to the music in smoke filled rooms.
The 1970 Psychedelic light shows, that included wildly splashing colors set to music on a screen backdrop were actually two large clock faces with oils in between them projected via an overhead projector. These guys we’re truly the Lighting Masters of their day, as it was truly and art form to set the splashes of oil at correct temperature to the sound of the music. There are still of the old LD’s that run around doing custom shows but they are few and far between.
Before that advent of the strobe light(before they became affordable), the “Lobster Claw” light effect existed where a single circular disc of sheet metal had what looked like a Lobster Claw cut out of it and was spun in a motor in from of various spotlights to create a stroboscopic effect.  These were later integrated into followspots for onstage performers for that same effect.
Early fog and hazer effects were often times generated with ignited rifle powder that created a plume of smoke that was then distributed with fans. Early hazer effects were pie tins set on hot plates that burned Ammonium Salts.  Today there are much healthier options
In the 1800’s the earliest model stage lights used to wash a stage we’re actually candle powered stagecoach lights set alone the edge of the stage to illuminate it. The lights themselves had the candle in the center and a fresnel glass columnate the beam.  Today we know these as Studio Fresnels even though you can still find these primitive lights and Pier One rather than you local stage lighting store.  It’s still an awesome effect on my opinion.
What are your favorite vintage effects?

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