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LDI 2015 Highlights

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LDI 2015 was its usual pile of LED products that production companies have become familiar with in recent years. As I was explaining to a buddy of mine… if you’re a production company going to LDI to shop, a 2-3 hour walk around the show and you could probably eliminate 65% of the products because of the amount of repetition and copycat products.

That being said, there was a significant number of “niche” products and purpose built lights/effects that would allow any rental company to make money.

What did I specifically find interesting?

Antari Silent Snow S-500: This snow machine runs very quiet and 95% of its footprint is in a remote base that pumps both air and fluid mixture into the snow head via an almost 35’ long hose. The head itself is tiny and can easily be built into a wide variety of set pieces or even snaked up truss. This is going to be hot seller in 2016!

Antari UV Wash 2000antari_UV_WASH_2000

A super bright UV wash fixture outputting in the 365Nm range. That means a ton of UV light in the non-visible spectrum. Perfect for not bathing a room in a totally visible light.

elation_platinum_FLXElation Platinum FLX

This is a hybrid moving light that can be used as a beam, spot or wash fixture. Elation had their “Top Secret” demo room where they shot this fixture out against one of the larger name brand competitors. Many of the LD’s I spoke with were buzzing about this fixture. It’s full-featured and has an amazing price. In my opinion the Elation guys have become big time players in the premium moving light industry.

Ayrton Cosmopix RCosmoPix-R-B

Somehow I feel I should get some type of a royalty for this one…… I have said for the last 3 years “Wouldn’t it be cool to take some of the early spinning and whirling disco effects and update them with LED and DMX”. Boom, done! What’s old is new again just like bell bottoms! This makes me smile.

Lightwave International Lixel Line Laser

Lasers rarely get mentioned anymore but this product is flat out cool. The laser array comes in 1 meter sections that creates a light curtain made out of single beams that are full color. There is no movement to the beam itself they are just static. Stringing these together at about 30’-50’ wide would be an awesome effect for any show.

LED Walls in general

It’s a race to the bottom folks! I was dumbfounded when I saw 2.6mm pitch video walls selling for $1200/tile retail! This was for a branded video product. Many more video panels to come in this same price range. If you’re shopping for a wall, here’s my suggestion… buy enough to service your client in the most professional way; buy enough spare parts to support the wall; have a whip-ass content guy; and, be super responsive to your customer needs. The barrier to entry has been lowered dramatically in the arena.

Martin Atomic 3000 LED: Hands down one of the best products at the show. It’s an LED Strobe with LED Aura effect. Check out the Martin video here:  Bright Idea!

I’m sure there was an array of products that I missed but these are definitely the highlights that stuck in my mind.

Looking forward to LDI 2016!

Author: Marcel Fairbairn

Our expert sales team, collectively, have over 50 years experience in the sound, lighting, production and music industry.

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