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There’s a quiet lighting revolution coming… you ready?


It’s not often that we find ourselves witnessing a potentially game changing product. In my career I can certainly remember such moments with the VL5, Intellabeam, Studio Color, MAC2000, Wholehog 1 and 2, CK Colorblast and yes, the ETC Source 4 Leko. However, since the Source 4, nothing significant has been created to evolve this technology. The leko is a standard in theater, industrial, corporate, TV and even Rock and Roll. Yet, in 25 years, it’s barely changed.

This week, Coemar have quietly introduced what very well could become another significant product moment. I traveled to Germany last week… just so I could see what all the noise is about.

The Reflection LEDko as it is called, is more than just a leko. Sure, it looks like a leko, and in many cases, it acts like one too. In fact, if you wish, you can use it as nothing more than a leko. You can use all of your existing Source 4® accessories including Lens Assemblies, barn doors, even scrollers (unless of course you use the full color LEDko Full Spectrum). One thing you won’t need are metal or glass patterns. You can print on a transparency your patterns, corporate logo or images using a standard office printer, then insert that transparency into the LEDko. It won’t burn or melt. In fact, because there’s virtually no UV, it won’t even fade! You messed up the client’s logo colors? No problem, print another one!

Another area where the LEDko is just different… they have created one of the, if not THE first “Soft Edge Profile” fixtures. Using the same back end LEDko, you can add our Soft Profile optics with either fresnel or PC lens and you’ve got an instant soft light with internal framing shutters and external barndoors as well! In early demos, I’ve watched LD’s get very excited about this feature. But for rental companies, to be able to send a case of back end LEDko engine bodies – then both soft and hard edge front ends… you can mix and match more options than any other single light I’ve seen.

The light source powering the LEDko is the revolutionary source created last year for the Reflection PC that won Plasa’s best lighting product. It draws 120 watts and can be loosely compared to a standard leko lamped with a 575. It’s also expected that future versions will stand up to 750’s! The LEDko comes in 3 versions. The 3200k “Halogen Like” offers warm color temperature and looks just like a standard white leko. This version is also brighter than the others. Second, the VariWhite offers variable whites from 3000k to 7000k programmed via DMX or set onboard. Last but not least, the Full Spectrum gives you full color, variable whites from 3200-9000k and even a built in library of leading gel manufacturers. Any of these three LEDko bodies will fit standard leko accessories or Coemar soft / hard profile optics bodies.

So what you’ve got is this. 3 types of body or engine that can operate on their own or with standard leko lens assemblies and accessories or Coemar designed accessories. Pictured here is the LEDko body without any lens and a Coemar developed optical body including their patented internal framing shutter system.

LED Source have arranged to get sample packages and will have those by the end of April or first week of may. Be sure to contact either Dorel or Jerry at LED Source to get your eyes on these. In the meantime, please check out a preview video HERE.


Author: Marcel Fairbairn

Our expert sales team, collectively, have over 50 years experience in the sound, lighting, production and music industry.

2 thoughts on “There’s a quiet lighting revolution coming… you ready?

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  2. I can only say: FINALLY. Well done Coemar

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