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Imitation is flattery??


I hate to complain (those who know me might argue that a tad…) but I am really growing tired of the lack of ingenuity or innovative thinking in the world of Entertainment Equipment sales.

You see, we’ve got a couple of key competitors in the field who, since the beginning of time, have “borrowed” from us at every opportunity. One such competitor recently launched a new website… or so they called it a new website. In fact, it really was just their slightly changed version of GearSource. They even went so far as to copy our successful want area, the Need Zone.

When we set out to create GearSource, the decision was made that we would not use cheap off the shelf web software. If we were to do it right, we would create whatever was needed to make the sale of other people’s property safe, efficient and quick. That’s exactly what we have created and continue to improve. We are proud of what we’ve built over the past 8 years and we look forward to what’s coming.

For others, I suggest they may want to look within and find their own identity. Because we’ve found success with our model certainly doesn’t mean that others will also. We have worked very hard to establish ourselves and to develop an extremely complex back-office system that automates the process of equipment sales. To copy just the “shiny bits” will never work.

We are currently hard at work on what very well may be a revolution in not only the production equipment business, but the re-sale of pre-owned items in any industry. More to come soon!


Author: Marcel Fairbairn

Our expert sales team, collectively, have over 50 years experience in the sound, lighting, production and music industry.

4 thoughts on “Imitation is flattery??

  1. Well Marcel, are you really surprised?

    For every innovator, there are many opportunistic imitators. People in general are lazy, they don’t want to do the hard work and so they just skim the cream off the top – someone else top!

    This is true of any kind of product and service. Success or even the perception of success always attracts others. Law of nature I suppose.

    The trick is to get it just right (the right product and/or service priced just right) and have the stamina and persistence to keep at it. Eventually, the provider who is best in tune with the market needs will prevail.

  2. Having a used gear website is nothing unique. We’ve seen lots of your competitors and they are no different that your site. yes, a slight change here and there, but the idea is the same. Sell used gear.

    Not sure what your talking about as you are no pioneer of this idea. Its an old idea that you just happen to take into your industry.

    So yeah. Stop complaining.

    • Hi Matt – thanks for your response. Since you’re in GA – I can only assume you’re friendly with a competitor… the same competitor who coincidentally just sent me an email. You obviously have not really dove into the differences, the features of our sites, etc. We’ve literally spent $1m on development over the past 9 years while our competitors were typically not even allowing online purchases or self-listing and management capabilities. You’re basically saying “a car is a car” meaning a Ferrari and Fiat share the same basic function and therefore the same value.

      I can assure you, that’s not the case. I am not claiming to be the best, greatest most wonderful pioneer to have ever sold gear. What I am claiming as fact is that other companies have most definitely “borrowed” our ideas and do it at every opportunity they get. You cannot say the same about us. When we re-design something, we don’t even look at our competitors – that’s fact.


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