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GS 4.0 Help Notes

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Following, please find some instructions concerning the MAJOR updates on our site. This should help you to navigate the core functions of the new GS 4.0 GearSource site.


Help Notes

1) Registration and Login

We have added a new Rapid Registration for users who’d like to use functions that require registration including the Daily Blast, Need Zone, and other current and future Login Required functions. For Rapid Registration, you only need to give us your name, email and password. Simple!

  • Add your Name, Email (must be a REAL email address) and password.
  • You will be asked to re-type your email and password to assure accuracy.
  • De-Select “Yes, add me to your list” under daily listings update ONLY if you are sure you do not want to receive this vital information.
  • Select the method you’d like to receive the blast either Text Only or HTML (much nicer – and includes images!)
  • Read and click “I accept” on the Buyer Agreement. This is basically a bunch of legal stuff that most people don’t read but you’re supposed to!
  • Before clicking “Register” you will need to complete the Captcha verification – where you read all the strange crooked letters, and type them EXACTLY as viewed in the box below. If you get this wrong, it’ll make you do it over, and over and OVER!
  • Click “Register” to complete your registration.
  • When you want to do certain things including adding a listing, or making a purchase – you will be required to add additional information to your registration – but for now, you’re done!

Login / Login Failure

Now that you’re registered, or previously registered, you need to know how to login. This process is very straight forward, and we have even used some technology that logs you in automatically when you re-visit GS 4.0 has a whole new set of great features available to you once you’re logged in. So, to Login:

  • Click Login located on the left side of the screen, called “Left Nav”.
  • If your browser didn’t automatically remember, enter the email address you used to register with
  • Enter your password and click Login – you’re in!
  • If you get an Error stating that the Email or Password doesn’t match our records – you need to click “I forgot my password”, then enter the email address that you use to login and then the “email me my password” button. You will receive an email with instructions to reset your password.
  • On the left side from Home, click My Account. This will transport you to our totally new Account Center. From here – you can manage your entire GearSource world. Change profile information, address, Payment Methods, edit or add listings, check order history, etc.

Once Logged In

  • If you have been approved as a “Dealer” with GearSource, you will see only dealer prices – therefore, always make sure you’re logged in as a dealer. The dealership application process is currently disabled and being re-built. If you feel you should be a GearSource Dealer, and you’re ready to buy, please contact us and we can make that determination, and set you up.
  • Any other preferences you might have saved will be there as long as you’re logged in – including Currency (future) Language, and more.

2) Listing An Item

Okay, you’re registered, and you’re logged in – so now you want to list something for sale. How do you do it? It’s MUCH easier now plus takes advantage of our new Stock Items Database covering hundreds of thousands of items some familiar, some not so much. So, here’s how it works.

  • Click on Add A Listing
  • First, on Item Name – enter the name of your item but DO NOT include the brand or manufacturer. For example, if you’re selling a Martin MAC2000, enter “MAC2000” not the brand.
  • You will see magically as you type that our system is locating items in our DB matching your typing and offering you suggestions. Select one.
  • Type in a total Quantity you’re selling. If it is a package of 8 – then this Quantity is 1 – not 8.
  • Select a condition from 1 – 5 but be honest! Like new is not new – and likewise, a beat up old touring fixture is not Very Good Condition. Entering a false condition here may get your unit returned back to you – so be honest!
  • Type your description. DO NOT USE THE MANUFACTURER DESCRIPTION. We will be covering that information for you. This is your description, for example Age, number of hours, type of use, what additional items are included, etc. Again, honesty is key. If you say something is black, and it arrives purple, it will likely be returned to you.
  • Select the country where this item is located.
  • Enter a price. This price will be the price you would normally sell this item for – and includes our “Commission”. We ask that you do not add a commission on top of your normal sell price as this will make us price the item higher than what you’d sell direct for and we do not like that. The price section will also show you our standard price (non-dealer) and your Bottom Line – in your jeans!
  • Fill in the Additional Listing Information fields. These vary based on the listing type or Category.
  • Add up to 5 Good Clean images. DO NOT USE FILE IMAGES. These are REAL pictures of your item(s). The better your images, the higher the likelihood we will get it sold. Click Browse, and select up to five items at once by holding your shift, control or command key – and selecting multiple files. This depends on your Operating system. You can also select one at a time, then click Browse again and add another.
  • Click Upload Images. You will see your images uploading, then when completed you will see Thumbnails of your images. If you do not see a thumbnail, the system likely didn’t like one of your images – so try another.
  • To delete an image, just click the TrashCan icon on that image.
  • Click Next.
  • On this page, the system will give you the item you have “attached” to in our Stock Items Database. It may also give you a list of options – if there are more than 1. Select the one – or the most appropriate one – and click Next.
  • Here – you will see a Preview of your listing as it might appear on our site. Please check your listing – and if you want to make and changes, use the Back buttons. If everything is good, click Sell This Item.
  • Once you submit the listing, it goes into a holding sell called our Approval Queue. Here, one of our Listings Administrators will view your listing, check the validity, check Images and approve the listing, usually within a couple of hours. During this process, you will NOT have access to the listing, now will it display on the site.
  • Once approved, the listing will display in the appropriate category on our site, and will also be available to you in your Account Center for editing, deleting, price change, etc.

The Shopping Experience

Probably the single biggest area we’ve improved relates to our Buyers / Customers. We’ve made things faster, better, safer and much more powerful from an information gathering standpoint. Here are some highlights:

  • You can shopping on the site using either Search or Browse methods. Searching means you know what you’re looking for – and want to locate that item via typing the name in a search field. We can accommodate searching quite easily via the new Stock Items Database and our Learning system. Type a name into the Search field at the top right of your screen, and our system will follow your typing with suggestions based on what other users have typed. Once you complete your typing and click the search icon or hit Enter, our system will compile a list of what IT thinks you’re looking for. Creepy huh?
  • Browsing is also quite simple. Using one of our navigation methods, select a category to begin browsing. For example, on the left side of the page, select Lighting and Effects. That will give you all of the sub categories. Then, click (for example) Conventional. This will give you a list of all Stock Items in Conventional. These are not actual listings – they are just conventional Stock Items. Find the item you’re looking for – and click on it. One thing to note is that from this view, where you’re looking at lists of items, some will have a little red Price on the right side, with “Buy Used” and a number in that same area. This means there are used (or new, if listed) items available within that stock item. Stock Items that do NOT have this information are items that are currently without any listings attached. Maybe YOU have one to sell!
  • No matter what method you’ve used to get here, you will now see our Stock Item Detail Page. This information is based on what we’ve obtained from the manufacturer. In some cases, we have not been able to locate any stock info, and in some cases – even stock Images. Sorry.. we cannot create what isn’t available.
  • The main component of the Stock Item Detail page are the 4 Tabbed sections. Used Available, New Available, Description and User Reviews.
  • Used Available denotes the quantity of used Listings – not items. In fact, we might have hundreds of items in 2 listings as an example.
  • New Available – same thing. These are the Brand New listings for this item.
  • Description is the manufacturers details, specs, etc.
  • User Reviews are reviews generated by our users for this item. You can also add reviews if you have any experience good or bad with this item. These reviews are monitored and approved by our administrative staff.
  • So lets assume that there are Used Available on this particular item you have found, you will click the Used Available tab to reveal those listings that are available. They will be listed including price, description and Add To Cart buttons. On each, you can also click either the listing number or the More Details link to view more information, real photos, etc.
  • Select the one(s) you want, and then click Add To Cart. If you want to add more items to the same order, click “Continue Shopping” and select additional items. The top right corner will always tell you the number of items in your cart.
  • When you’re finished shopping, click Proceed to Checkout. You will then have to agree to our terms (if you haven’t already) by clicking I Agree.
  • Now, on the Address page, either choose one of your existing addresses and Continue or add information and click Create New Address.
  • On the Order Confirmation Page, you can add any additional notes or shipping instructions, review the order, then click Place the Order.
  • You’re done! The order is immediately available to view or Print in your Account Center.
  • We try to complete our internal work on all orders within 24 hours, but we are at the mercy of our Vendors or Sellers who sometimes take longer to respond. If you ever do want to check on an order though, feel free to contact us – but remember to note the order number.

Author: Marcel Fairbairn

Our expert sales team, collectively, have over 50 years experience in the sound, lighting, production and music industry.

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