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New GS4.0 Web Update coming soon!

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Ok, so I know we have a few issues. Every day in fact, we find a new one. Without getting too much into the gory details, we’ve got code upon code upon code. It’s like if you tried to use the same piece of paper over and over again, and kept writing new things. At some point, it becomes such a mess you can’t read the new or old.

For the past few months, our web team led by Alex Sante have created a duplicate version of and re-built it from the ground up – stripping away all of the old code. This has been a gargantuan task but it’s almost over.

In Sept, we will finally launch GS4.0. What does this mean to you, our users? Well, first of all – everything will be MUCH faster. The communication between our Web and Back Office systems has been massively improved, and the result is speed. Secondly, the new platform will finally allow us to begin adding all of the great new features we’ve been but have been unable to implement. Third, and likely most important to you, the bugs will be minimized. I want to say removed completely, but as Newton said in his law of Reaction, Every action has an equal opposite reaction. This is certainly the case when developing complex software or web apps.

Lastly, we will be launching a whole new listing system that utilizes a massive pre-built database. I can’t go into much more detail, but you will see huge improvements on your ability to list, but more importantly SELL your items.

In September, you will see several releases from us including planned Webinar training for our new listing process, in addition to some new online Video Tutorials.

More soon!


Author: Marcel Fairbairn

Our expert sales team, collectively, have over 50 years experience in the sound, lighting, production and music industry.

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