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Wake up people… you’ve got GOLD in that warehouse!!

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It’s really amazing to me. Everyone is complaining daily about the economy, real estate, rising costs and pretty much anything else you will sit and listen through, yet – so many of you are not taking the 10 or 15 minutes a day required to list your stagnant inventory on GearSource. It never fails, I will call someone – lets say an Audio Company. I’ll say “Hey, by the way, we get calls all the time for PM5D’s – you care to sell any?”

Surprisingly, the person says “Oh yeah, I’d love to sell a couple of those, plus how about a Vertec rig, a couple of hundred amps, and a stage?”.

Why does it take a phone call from me to remind a business owner that he’s sitting on inventory that is paid for, and collecting dust? In most cases, we can quickly turn this stuff into cash, and even bring in top dollar. I am not talking fire sale pricing unless of course we are talking about 30 year old antiques.

So, do yourself a favor. I’ll even walk you through the first couple of listings… I just need for YOU to go through your shop and figure out a few bits of gear that haven’t been rented in a while, and could be converted to cash for the gear you REALLY need. We will do the rest.


Author: Marcel Fairbairn

Our expert sales team, collectively, have over 50 years experience in the sound, lighting, production and music industry.

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