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Goin to LightFair – what to expect?

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So, I’m making the annual trek to Lightfair in NY tomorrow, and quite looking forward to what I may or may not see. What I know for sure…

1) Cree have a new PAR38 fixture that looks GREAT on paper, but who knows until you see it. I am somewhat disappointed they’ve already backed the spec’s off considerably from what I was told it’d be. It was billed as producing 100 lumens per watt – but unless it’s a typo, the preliminary cutsheet says it’s 42 lumens / watt, which is entirely respectable – but not 100.

2) The founder of Cree and one of the founders of Color Kinetics have started a new company, and employed a friend of mine, Joe Zamore – in product development. The company called EcoSense have already shown promise. I’m told they’ll have a few tasty new prototypes being shows sorta “backroom” at this show.

3) CK / Philips are showing a few new things including a white – and white / RGB Reach. Both welcome additions. I think we’re gonna hit up CK for a few free cocktails at their wednesday night cocktail reception as well.

4) As always, looking forward to what I call Chinese Alley – which is a hoard of Chinese manufacturers who are very generic, and appear to be producing very similar products. I always spend time looking through this stuff – but for some reason, NEVER find anything interesting.

Has anyone else heard that Neo-Neon have officially changed their name here in the US to Irradiant? Just heard that a couple of days ago.

Full report during or after the show’s done. Standby for more.


Author: Marcel Fairbairn

Our expert sales team, collectively, have over 50 years experience in the sound, lighting, production and music industry.

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