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More LDI stuff

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Got to see the new Varilite led wash. It’s got 7 X 90w LEDs in a fixture that looks a whole bunch like a vl5. Bright and a great beam. I’m told it’ll ship in early 2009 too! This thing shows some promise. Everyone else is showing led wash lights but nothing quite like this thing. Nothing else new from Varilite.

Martin showed the Smart LED – speaking of led wash lights this is one of them. Looks very good. Nice package, bright and not huge. No idea on the price so that’ll determine the market viability.

Also on the martin stand were the new mac3 and another led fixture made up of 3 stagebars. Nice idea.

Coemars new stuff all looks excellent. I’ve talked about the movers before so no need to cover that here. Coemar also showed a new led wash, the stageled. 3 rows of led with programmable sweep for some very cool effects or really useful beam control.

My flight is about to take off so more later.


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One thought on “More LDI stuff

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