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Show hasn’t opened yet… But I’m already Stoked!

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I’ve already seen some great product while I’m here and the show hasn’t even opened. One thing though in particular is a product I saw at PRG. It was being prep’d for their booth, and their distribution leg will be distributing this product. It’s called the Spotless Light, and here’s what it does (in Layman’s terms… because that’s me!)

The device mounts to the front of a video projector, supposedly ANY video projector, but check that with them. Utilizing a camera and infrared system, the Spotless instantly “reads” the subject that you’re lighting – and feeds that information frequently and quickly back to the unit. It then “frames” the subject or person with light using pixel mapping. The result is that there are NO shadows or spill. The amazing thing is, because of the speed at which it processes information, it works as well on a moving subject – making the Spotless Light very useful for stage and theater as well..

To me, the Spotless Light truly is one of those revolutionary products that comes along too rarely, similar to when I saw the first Wybron Auto Pilot or the LSD Medusa. Gives you a Wow effect… and makes you think.

Back with more later.


Author: Marcel Fairbairn

Our expert sales team, collectively, have over 50 years experience in the sound, lighting, production and music industry.

One thought on “Show hasn’t opened yet… But I’m already Stoked!

  1. Thanks for checking out our gear! We’ve now got some great new videos up on the site from LDI. I want to encourage your readers to stop by our site at to have a look at some of the cool things we are now doing with this product.

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