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Beamers are On!

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The next battle for Moving lights seems to be forming on BIG BEAM lights. They started with High End’s Showgun – a large, bright wash fixture with a big tight beam – and even (sorta) gobo projections. I always thought the Showgun was a pretty cool light, but outside of a few early adopters, it hasn’t sold really well. In fact, I’ve heard pretty low prices outta High End recently. Prices that show approximately a 30% drop from early dealer cost numbers.

Next came Varilite with their VL3500 wash. Their claim was that it’s as bright as the Showgun, and now also offers a single gobo wheel for Effects.

In from nowhere comes Clay Paky with, what I thought anyway, was the coolest light at last year’s LDI show. The Alpha Beam 300 is 300 Watt Beam light that produces a natural 8 degree fat beam. At LDI they were blasting it across the hall. Here was this little 300 watt light putting a spot on a wall a few hundred feet away. Impressive. With PRG now distributing the product in the USA, I think this light may have a shot in big rentals.

I’ve recently learned that now Coemar are also showing an early version of their Beam light. Not sure what it’s called – but again, it’s meant to be small wattage BIG effect.

After all, with video, what is it that designers are looking for? They want Beams. Beams moving through the air, or fog – and providing texture to the show.

What do I know… I just sell the stuff. If you’re in the rental biz though – you should probably be looking to add Beams to your mover arsenal.


Author: Marcel Fairbairn

Our expert sales team, collectively, have over 50 years experience in the sound, lighting, production and music industry.

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