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Lightfair 2008 Show Notes

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I survived yet another Vegas tradeshow, this time, Lightfair 2008. Had a whole bunch of fun, and oh yeah, got a little work done as well.

The biggest thing I realized was that LED source really do represent the best of the best in the LED world. At this show, our manufacturers were the guys showing all of the coolest stuff.

Color Kinetics with the new Color Reach (a wash light capable of lighting a 400ft tower) showed well. The Color Reach represents a new level of LED wash light. No one else has even attempted to do something this big. CK will own the market on this one, at least for a little while. We’re told it’ll ship in October. You can be sure that LED Source will be all over that unit.

LLF, now Cree Lighting Solutions, showed their new 24″ Panel. This product will easily replace 24″ X 48″ Fluorescents. It’s bright, looks great, and will ship in a couple of months. LED Source already have several on spec.

A new line for LED Source is Renaissance Lighting. Their new 4″ RGB Downlight is about the coolest recessed downlight on the market. It offers very smooth color blending, and dimming – plus total uniformity in appearance (no Red, Green and Blue LEDs). Control options include a Dial, Bluetooth and even Crestron. LED source has the units in stock, so feel free to request a sample, pricing, etc.

Elation and Acclaim were at the show displaying several new products in their Architectural and Entertainment ranges. More on that later.

Other highlights at the show included another LED Source offering, Nexxus with their new PAR 30 Replacement lamp – offering 95 Lumens per watt in a very small, lightweight (and BRIGHT) package. Otherwise, it was more of the same. 100s of Asian manufacturers displaying products that appeared to be the same, plus a ton of Street lights. I guess that one makes a whole lotta sense considering the energy savings – however, not a market that interests me a bunch.

Stay tuned for more later. Ciao for now.


Author: Marcel Fairbairn

Our expert sales team, collectively, have over 50 years experience in the sound, lighting, production and music industry.

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