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Audio is BIG!!!

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Well, it’s been fairly common knowledge for years, but I will go ahead and give you this breakthrough information now anyway… You ready for this?? Prepare yourself… Audio is a MUCH larger industry that Lighting.Sure, everyone knows that – right? Well, then why are there 10 or 12 companies online focused on the sell of used Lighting, but only a couple of “real” companies promoting used Audio?Part of the explanation is that Audio companies have used ebay a lot more than lighting companies have. As I’ve said 100 times, ebay is NOT the best place to buy gear! Sure, if you need a deal on an iPod or 1976 Skil saw, ebay is great. For $50,000 audio consoles I really don’t see the match.  Once again, people will say “but on ebay, I am not paying the commission I have to pay you to sell”. Well, I’ve been over this – but briefly, let me respond. Ebay fees are not what they used to be!! Add it up – for a self serve sale, you are paying them more than you’re paying us!! AND – we will almost always get you a higher price! Not to mention, when you sell something on ebay, you’re taking all the emails, questions, shipping quotes, etc – on your own. Anyway, lets just say that dealing with a professional organization who are 100% focused on promoting and selling your gear is a better way to do it. GearSource have actually sold audio quite successfully for several years now. Sure – we haven’t had the quantity of listings that some other sites have, but It is my belief (based on some knowledge) that we’re actually out-selling them! That being said, we’ve now made a decision to make a huge investment in our infrastructure to  expand our audio business, and really – provide the pro-audio world with the very best solution for buying or selling their inventory. This investment already includes the appointment of an audio division director. Shaun Robinson has been in the GearSource family for just over a year. His background is similar to many people in our industry. He started as a DJ, then couldn’t afford to keep up with the latest gear, so he went to work for his supplier, Guitar Center. Because Shaun was always a gear guy, he picked up on the latest technology immediately, and really got to know the gear. He also gravitated to his core clientele – the club market. Shaun did very well selling into the club market for several years while working with GC Pro, guitar center’s Pro / Install division. Shaun will be taking on a whole new level of challenges here at GearSource while leading the new Audio Group. His focus will be on building our core audio clientele and vendor base, but also feeding information to our Web Team who will continue improving our web technology for our users. The idea has always been to build the site that people want. For audio, that may involve some special requirements. Shaun will also focus on improving the quality of used gear available to people and improving our pricing on that gear. By the end of 2008, our goal is to increase used audio sales to 50% of our overall sales. That in itself will make us the largest online seller of used audio in the world!  Over the next year, we will develop the group around Shaun, and will continue improving our site, our model, and our team to increase our audio biz with Shaun at the helm. To reach Shaun Robinson, you can call (561)296-9554 or email  

Author: Marcel Fairbairn

Our expert sales team, collectively, have over 50 years experience in the sound, lighting, production and music industry.

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