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Pretty Cool Little Biz!

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For some reason, I am addicted to business, and ALWAYS pay attention to other business’. For example, a couple of days ago I was having lunch at a little local salad place where you walk past a counter and choose what you want in your salad. The ingredients are all fresh, and you end up with a pretty great salad – but the problem is, I hate to go through the selection process every time. I saw the owner walking by, and told her “Hey, I have an idea on how you might make your business better”. She was very anxious to listen, so I explained that as a busy guy, and a GUY, I was pretty impatient, and didn’t like the “process” of putting together a custom salad every time. In fact, If I could just build a couple of custom salads – I’d like to then save the “recipe” and just order that salad by number next time. For example, as I am selecting each ingredient, the quantity, etc – they could be typing it all into a little handheld. At the end, this little handheld could print out a slip – like when you return a rental car. That slip would show everything that went into my salad, and would have a salad number at the end. I could send someone from my office to grab me a salad and could just give them one of these custom salad numbers – and would get exactly that. 

Anyway, that’s not the point of this note. I wanted to discuss another cool biz I know well. A few years ago, Robert Mokry got the entrepreneurial bug, and  started Light Parts. The concept was basically that manufacturers generally do a pretty lousy job stocking parts for their gear, especially older gear. Also, they tend to charge an arm and 2 legs for those replacement parts. 

Robert teamed up with another former High End vet, Don Pugh. Don has always been crowned “the guy who knows most about every product High End ever made” and would use that knowledge to build this new business. 

What do Light Parts Do? Well, for one, they stock more parts for High End and Martin gear than do those manufacturers in many cases. Need a board for an ancient I Beam? They’ve probably got it. Need replacement screens for a Hog II? They have it – and for a great price!

On top of stocking parts, these guys fix lights. They’ve got warranty deals with several lighting manufacturers, and growing.  Bottom line, these guys have an incredible amount of knowledge on staff and can probably help you take care of entire lighting inventories, not any one brand exclusively.

Because is in the sale of used gear, we’ve found MANY occasions to either use Light Parts directly, or to refer our clients to the company.When you need Light Parts, visit Light Parts. You will not be disappointed. They’ve taken a great idea, and executed that idea into a really great biz. Congrats guys – and good luck!  

Author: Marcel Fairbairn

Our expert sales team, collectively, have over 50 years experience in the sound, lighting, production and music industry.

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