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iPhone Cometh!

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I know this is a business blog, but events as big as the iPhone Launch only come around so often, so I gotta talk about it.I gotta admit, I was waiting or this silly device ever since i saw Steve’s big speech announcing it in February this year. I always said that someday, Apple would come out with a phone – and that no matter what, I’d be using it. Well – they did, and I am!In case you’re from another planet, or simply just didn’t care at all – the launch happened on June 29th. It was counted down, blogged about, discussed heavily in media, etc. In fact – with very little advertising, Apple managed the Marketing GrandSlam – a hugely successful Viral Marketing campaign created almost entirely on buzz. Their marketing budget could not have been huge. It was we the people who marketed this thing. Yeah – Apple did a great job, their simple ads that seem to always out sell the competition – but it was more the “other” things they did – like when Madonna called complaining that her daughter Lourdes’ iPod was broken. They realized they were actually speaking with mother M herself – and quickly sent out not only a replacement iPod – but also – the coveted iPhone – well in advance of it’s launch. Ya think Madonna helped sell a few? Abso-frickin-lutely.Anyway, was I crazy enough to wait in line for 3 or 4 days like the diehard whackos in NY, Miami, San Fran, LA, etc? Heck no… In fact – i didn’t even pay someone to wait for me. I said “ya know what – I am not gonna buy into the hype on this thing – I am gonna wait, and get one on MY terms in a couple of weeks”. So, on friday June 29th, I did what we always do on a lovely, month end, Friday evening – and went out for a couple of bev’s with the boys. We were celebrating yet another killer month with both Gear-Source and LED source. I was driving home at about 10:30 PM that night, and in a stroke of incredible luck, my route took me past the Wellington Green Mall – where there happens to be an Apple Store.I thought “ya know what, I am just gonna pop in and see how they did in selling out all the phones”. Surely, they must have sold out. There were hundreds of people in line, and only a limited number of phones.I walk up to the mall doors, and two security guards standing at the door say “can we help you”. I said “Yeah, I am going to the apple store”. They said “for an iPhone” and I said “of course”. “Well come on in” they invited.Much to my surprise, I get into the store, and there are about 20 sales people, but no customers – so of course, I assumed they sold out hours ago. I walked up to the counter and said “you’re sold out right” and the girl says “No – what would you like – an 8 gig” to which I respond “Of course!!”. In fact – i took two – because I knew my friend Gavin back at LED source would not be able to live through me getting – and him not.I walk out of the store with a couple of those nice little iPhone bags, 2 phones, and $1285 less in my pocket. On the way home I figure, this is quite an event – I better call Gavin, and go straight over, which I did.Gavin changed his phone number over from T-Mobile to AT&T and got his iPhone fully activate in about 15 minutes. The whole iTunes activation thing is quite slick indeed – when it works. When it doesn’t work…… ohhhhhh boy. It took me 2 days, one phone replacement, and countless hours on the phone with both AT&T and Apple before mine worked! In the end, it was a faulty phone. A very crafty AT&T employee who spent over an hour with me on the phone finally said “look sir, if it were me – and I spent this kinda money, I’d walk in the apple store with my computer, and the phone – and say “Here – make this work”…. which was exactly what I ended up doing. They struggled for more than an hour, and finally handed me a new phone. Plugged it in to my itunes – and within about 5 minutes, I was fully up and running.So – is it all worth it? Well – at the end of the day, this is really just another toy. It’s a really great phone, a “decent” emailer, and a pretty fun gadget all round. I am already sick of watching idiots on You Tube, and quickly getting bored of zooming in on client’s or competitors home address’ to see where they live. The ipod – i dunno, it’s cool, but I am perfectly happy with my 40gb video iPod. Don’t get me wrong – I love this thing, but I’d also be perfectly happy if someone forced me to switch back to my Blackberry Curve. I’d suggest that you go out and get your own iPhone though… after all – why not? It is a battle for the most toys…. right?

Author: Marcel Fairbairn

Our expert sales team, collectively, have over 50 years experience in the sound, lighting, production and music industry.

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