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Gear-Up Sale Huge Success!!


As you may have heard, Last month (in May) Gearsource teamed up with one of our larger vendors, PRG, to host a month long “Inventory sell-off”. The object was to help PRG to replace their typical twice-yearly auctions with something a little more managable, profitable, and of course, less stressful.This first ever Gear-Up event was everything planned, and more. While I will not get into numbers, I can say that the numbers were “significant” and in fact, well in excess of the prior auctions. In fact, I can’t tell you of any industry related auction that came even close.The beauty of this event is that it was basically “virtual” meaning that gear was not actually shuffled around the country to one location like an auction. Additionally, the manpower required by PRG was far less. In fact, they had 2 people full time, plus some help from different departments.Sure, we had some “glitches” and while those were minor in comparison to the overall success, we’re already putting systems in place to better handle those issues. Our new accounting software, and how it all speaks with our web applications is a HUGE upgrade. In addition, PRG are making a lot of changes to be able to support the sales with quicker information, shipping, support, etc.All in all, I’d say that we had a pretty darned amazing month, all things considered. Neither PRG nor GearSource had done this prior, so it was a little bit of pioneering. Yeah, as I said – some frustrations along the way – but we can’t wait to do it again.Standby for MORE Gear-Up sales events!

Author: Marcel Fairbairn

Our expert sales team, collectively, have over 50 years experience in the sound, lighting, production and music industry.

2 thoughts on “Gear-Up Sale Huge Success!!

  1. Be careful in your dealings with this company. Their suppliers are incompetent and you can end up with the wrong item on your doorstep. Gearsource will side with the supplier and you are out your money and don’t have the item you paid for, or a piece of junk substitute. They call this bait and switch or fraud where I come from. You are better off with Ebay or ANY other company with some buyer protection.

  2. Ouch – not a friendly response at all. Can I guess then that we can’t count on your future return business? Since you’re posting anonymously, I can’t respond to your situation in particular, but I can tell you – there are a TON of issues with your post.

    First, the implication that we’re doing ANY sort of “bait and switch” tactics is ridiculous. How would we be in business 5 years doing the volume we’re doing if we were employing bait and switch schemes. If you purchased something (again, I can’t confirm because you’re using an alias) and didn’t receive the correct product, that is NOT our fault but possibly a mistake made (and corrected I presume!!!?????) by one of our vendors. Even the most perfect of people do make mistakes. We’ve had situations (including a couple that I am aware of from our May GearUp event) where vendors have packaged and shipped the wrong item, then – at their expense – replaced the wrong item with the correct one.

    Speaking of our vendors, you’re suggesting ALL of our vendors are incompetent? This of course would include a VERY large cross section of our industry, companies such as PRG, 4 Wall, Upstaging, Bandit, Mainlight, Martin, High End, etc, etc, etc. On the Audio side – Clair Brothers, Telex (EV) – huge video companies including Christie Digital and Eiki… these are ALL incompetent?

    Sounds to me like you’re possibly a difficult person with unrealistic expectations. If you don’t give us the opportunity to correct a problem, this isn’t bait and switch. I can honestly assure you that we’ve done everything we can to correct EVERY issue we’ve ever been faced with, even when it’s our vendors’ fault. Fraud? Please… To Defraud someone means that you would be looking to gain or steal money from someone by way of a deceptive act. Once again – you’re suggesting that we’d ship something wrong INTENTIONALLY – in some grand scheme to take your money. Why?? This isn’t even logical.

    Lastly, you’re insinuating that “Ebay” or other companies offer “Buyer Protection” tells me you have no clue what you’re talking about. I’ve been scammed on ebay myself (read a prior post in this blog) and learned that paypal’s refund policy is quite dodgy to say the least. Read our terms and conditions on the site, and you’ll realize that we offer a TON of protection to the buyer, and we’re one of the very few companies doing such.

    GearSource has risen to the top of the used equipment suppliers – not by ripping people off as you’re implying in this post – but by ALWAYS trying to do the right thing, by our vendors – and customers. Please – feel free to continue using my blog to voice your opinions – even when those opinions are untrue, and obviously riddled in anger towards something or someone else – and not towards something we’ve done to you.

    President (and peacekeeper)

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