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Enter the SHOWGUN!

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Well, if you’ve ever read any of my Blogs, you probably know I am a big fan of Richard B from High End. In fact, I think he’s one of the innovators of modern moving lights, and has since created a whole new Genre – “Digital Lighting”. With products such as Catalyst (sure, maybe not designed by Richard, but I think he took it to where it is), the DL1 and now DL2 – High End have pretty much created a market that didn’t exist.A couple of months ago, I started hearing about another innovation in Richard’s world. It was kept a little secret, but I got details pretty early on about a product that would ultimately be named SHOWGUN. Once you see this light, I think you’ll find it to be a pretty appropriate name. High End is doing what I tried to lead Coemar into (against all of those brilliant Investors who knew more than me, and decided instead they would mass market chinese lights – what a novel and original idea… NOT). High End is basically going to where the market isnt. Go Where “They” are Not has always been my theory. High End looked around the market and said “know what, we’re probably not going to bring anything earth shattering to the 700 or 1200 watt spot market. That’s full”. So instead, they took a look at a hole in the market, where something was needed ABOVE the MAC2000, VL3000, etc. Syncrolite is great, and for a rental company, do an exemplary job. I’ve always like the Biglite, distributed over here by Martin – but the prices are high, and the market response has been limited. There’s room for a reasonably priced HUGE light for stadiums, sky tracking, big bang lighting. (I hear this one’s gonna retail around $20,000)The Showgun isn’t exactly a huge light. In fact, it “appears” to be smaller than an X-Spot and only slightly larger than a MAC or VL3000. One of the first things you’ll notice are the ring of 3 Watt RGB LED’s around the front bezel of the fixture. Richard once told me that he liked for people to be able to look into the rig and immediately recognize a High End light. Well – this will be no exception. You can’t miss it! On top of the LED’s – its got a 2000 Watt lamp (or at least that’s what I was told). It puts out over 100,000 lumens (Bright as hell) and has a nice fat beam. The zoom is a cool feature allowing a tight par like beam, or huge wash. Something setting this apart from the competition is the fact that it also incorporates 4 rotating gobos. Jeeeez.Anyway, watch for this one to put High End back on the Lighting Spec’s for concert touring, and big shows everywhere. This is sort of the new Cyber on Steroids. When the Cyberlight first came out, everyone who had been accustomed to lesser 700 watt moving lights rejoiced at a new, brighter alternative. The Showgun will take them there again.Congrats High End for innovating once again, and not going where the gang is. One of my favorite little articles is one where Wayne Gretzky was asked “how are you so much better than everyone else on the ice”. His answer “Because I skate to where the puck is going, not to where it is now”. I think that relates to Richard’s design philosophy as well.

Author: Marcel Fairbairn

Our expert sales team, collectively, have over 50 years experience in the sound, lighting, production and music industry.

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